Act Three, Chapter Two: 29

12th May 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 29
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Mar-ee 12th May 12:08 AM, 2017
I would almost ask "how did he get there" I mean besides the obvious... poor Beast8(... alone in a crazy mystical enchanted maze
Fluffy 12th May 12:14 AM, 2017
Beauty! Get over there right now and bring some Hello Kitty Bandaids too!... A lot of them!
Guest 12th May 7:32 AM, 2017
Yikes. He hit the ground hard.

Beauty, hurry up!
Vain.3805 13th May 11:53 AM, 2017
'cause he's fat... sorry, I had to...
prime_pm 12th May 8:18 AM, 2017
Well at least he left a trail.
Kirala 12th May 8:18 AM, 2017
Well, at least the blood trail should make the end of the maze easier for Beauty to follow? Provided the labyrinth doesn't cheat and move or erase it...
The Doodler 12th May 9:58 AM, 2017
The Doodler
Dang, that last panel.
CartoonSara 12th May 12:08 PM, 2017
"The End."

Ow! Hey it was just a - ow! Why do you guys even have spiked bats? Ow! Ow!! I WAS JUST KIDDING!!!!
Stitchlingbelle 12th May 12:22 PM, 2017
*continues screaming*
Sybilla J 12th May 1:14 PM, 2017
aaaand cue Beauty! right now!
...ok, maybe after one final flashback. Ya know, the one that answers all the questions. And THEN Beauty, right in the nick of time. Right???
MissElcia 12th May 2:01 PM, 2017
F..udge, even with being super busy and not checking this comic in days I'm always hanging from the horrid cliff in no time flat..........ugh, can't wait for eh next page!!
Silvre 12th May 7:48 PM, 2017
Oh Beast!! Beauty, please be on your horse on your way to his side! D:
Priscilla 12th May 8:34 PM, 2017
Meaghan 12th May 10:39 PM, 2017
Cat 13th May 5:28 AM, 2017
"But the future refused to change"
ADMC 13th May 12:48 PM, 2017
'Nothing like a trail of blood to find my way back home..'

Sixx a.m. : life is beautiful.
Guest 13th May 3:52 PM, 2017

SORRY NOT SORRY! Ahahahahaha!
Guest 14th May 12:16 PM, 2017
Happy 1st mother's day ms. Megan!!!
SugarBee 14th May 7:34 PM, 2017
Silvre 15th May 11:53 AM, 2017
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 6:41 PM, 2017
Maybe it's because this scene is so upsetting, but when I look at the rose buds in the first panel, they almost seem like they're looking at him and smiling as he falls (the petals being the lips). Also, yes, we are at the center of the maze--and he dripped blood all the way there. I wonder if Beauty will have to follow that trail later, like a much more morbid version of breadcrumbs or string.