Act Three, Chapter Two: 30

15th May 11:03 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 30
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 15th May 11:03 PM, 2017
Hey gang! if you're in Toronto, drop by the Dora Keogh Pub tonight for a talk with myself, Hope Nicholson (The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen), Meaghan Carter (Godslave) and Stephanie Cooke (Rogues Portal), hosted by Ben Mcnally. The details are HERE

Also it's my birthday yay me


The Doodler 15th May 11:26 PM, 2017
The Doodler
Open family communication about the elephant in the room yesssssss.
Mar-ee 15th May 11:34 PM, 2017
Time for family talk or father-daughter to be more specific
Fluffy 15th May 11:57 PM, 2017
The transitions are getting faster now... The suspense!

Also Happy Birthday, Ms. Megan! <3
Exasperated Dwarf 16th May 12:03 AM, 2017
Is this going to be one of those horribly awkward father/daughter/boyfriend talks? I'm hoping no.
Happy Birthday Ms. Megan.
Guest 16th May 12:42 AM, 2017
Happy birthday!
Aingeleag 16th May 1:19 AM, 2017
I'm a tad late.. but Happy Birthday!!
Guest 16th May 4:42 AM, 2017
Happy Birthday! <|:3

Is Beauty sulking under the same tree again
Maddie Hatter 16th May 6:19 AM, 2017
Guest 16th May 6:57 AM, 2017
Happy Birthday!

Oh boy. Is dad gonna talk about his swan wife?
AJ 16th May 7:35 AM, 2017
Happy B-Day, Ms. M!
prime_pm 16th May 8:08 AM, 2017
"You're not bother ol' Grandmother Willow, are you?"
"Oops. Sorry, wrong tale."
Silvre 16th May 8:17 AM, 2017
A very happy birthday to you! Thank you for your time and dedication to this comic and sharing its loveliness with the rest of us!
Unknown 16th May 8:43 AM, 2017
Happy Birthday, Ms. Megan!
Guest 16th May 9:04 AM, 2017
Happy birthday
Kawaii overload!!! 16th May 9:12 AM, 2017
Happy birthday, Ms.Megan! ^^
Stitchlingbelle 16th May 10:59 AM, 2017
Happy birthday!!!!
B. 16th May 3:05 PM, 2017
Happy birthday!!! God bless you, comic artist extraordinaire!!! :)

~John 3:16~
Sarah 16th May 3:07 PM, 2017
Happy Birthday Megan.
Cat 17th May 5:00 AM, 2017
"Well... I'm worried about the Beast."
Narnia4Aslan 17th May 11:33 PM, 2017
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!
Ariadne 18th May 9:38 PM, 2017
Happy birthday, Ms. Megan!!

Beauty, you hurry your keister over to the scary garden hedge-maze right now! There's an illegitimate son of a king waiting for you! (And he's in pretty rough shape so bring a plaster or two.)
Paula Richey 18th May 10:23 PM, 2017
Happy late birthday! And late Mothers Day too (is Canada's Mothers Day different? Have a happy day regardless!)
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 6:46 PM, 2017
I'm worried about Beauty, too, Not Swan Dad, but first let us admire your majestic mane of hair. Also, you look so young and fit from behind--one must hope that Argus will age as well as you do, when he's human again. But ahem, I love that he knows just where to look to find his youngest daughter. And I like that we get the detail of leaves falling in this--that shows that the seasons have passed here, even if it was always summer at the castle.