Act Three, Chapter Two: 39

16th Jun 1:39 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 39
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 16th Jun 1:39 AM, 2017
I learned a lot about looms for that single panel.



Mar-ee 16th Jun 2:21 AM, 2017
Time for a flashback 8B!
metaceryn 16th Jun 2:30 AM, 2017
"I suppose I was always waiting for her to fly away."

did...did he actually know, did he ever know, was that just a turn of phrase ghhghghghghhgghhgghgyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh
prime_pm 16th Jun 8:12 AM, 2017
"Then she put on her metal bracers & circlet and took off in her invisible plane."
Cat 16th Jun 11:58 AM, 2017
Nah, she learned where her feather-gown was kept, put it on and flew away in her original form as a swan.
Fluffy 16th Jun 4:25 PM, 2017
bscruffy 16th Jun 1:29 PM, 2017
Ah, fantasy echoes real life. How many of us have been in a relationship with someone so magical that we "know" it can't last; with that fear we hang on anyway, even while believing they will someday go away?
Love the design of this page, the cast of the shadows off to the right, everything.
Fluffy 16th Jun 4:28 PM, 2017
You can just feel how in love this poor man still is with Swan Mom.
Miss Elcia 26th Jun 8:48 PM, 2017
Looms seem pretty awesome though so is it safe to assume it was goof lesson for the single shot?
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 8:03 PM, 2017
So it looks like she was working as a weaver when he met her, possibly at a booth or a shop in the city marketplace. I'm trying to remember what his trade was--was it in textiles? That would be a cute way for them to have met.

"I suppose I was always waiting for her to fly away"--oh that irony. It stings. I know that she's a swan maiden, but her making him promise not to look into her background must have seemed so sketchy to him at the time. It's touching that he trusted and loved her so much that he agreed to that condition, though.