Act Three, Chapter Two: 46

10th Jul 10:27 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 46
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 10th Jul 10:27 PM, 2017
Whenever I draw any sort of foot-level thing, I think of that rockin' 80s-style BGM in that one Mulan scene


Mar-ee 11th Jul 12:02 AM, 2017
OMG ..... please be okay Beast! Please be okay! Save him Beauty! He needs you!
MadStuart 11th Jul 12:42 AM, 2017
YESSSSSSS (RE: the Mulan comment, not RE: the stuff happening on the page, which is more NOOOO BEAUTY HURRY.)
the selkie wife 11th Jul 4:09 AM, 2017
Go, Beauty! Go and find him! Save him!

(also now *I* am thinking of that one Mulan song being laid over this scene)
flatbear 11th Jul 5:59 AM, 2017
This hurts. I once rejected the love of my life because I did not know he was the love of my life. I was completely new to romance and understood nothing. If only I had spoken with him instead of running away. We had a happy ending not unlike a faery tale, but regret for lost time does remain.

This series, Ms. Megan, has always affected me deeply. I carry your Beauty and Beast in my heart.
Cat 11th Jul 7:41 AM, 2017
The size of the SFX makes me think she must be leaving SUPER LOUDLY and I just wonder how deep Temp sleeps to not hear it. XD

Beauty: *CRASH* *boom, bang*
Temp: mmrmhnotsoloud... Zzzz...
Alexandrea Sward 11th Jul 8:22 AM, 2017
This is the best version of this. I can relate to, I boldly say, all of the characters, emotions, struggles. This huts my heart to the deepest level. Thank you for this.
Milly the Dragon 11th Jul 1:29 PM, 2017
Go Beauty! Go to him while you still can. QUICKLY!

On another note, though I rarely comment I absolutely love this story. Soooo much. When the series is complete I am 100% buying the whole set.
Stitchlingbelle 11th Jul 7:19 PM, 2017

TK 12th Jul 2:44 PM, 2017
Re: Star Trek BATB, Deep Space Nine featured not one, but two couples who could qualify, Worf and Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys and Odo. Kira and Odo was my favorite of the two.
Halle King 12th Jul 4:13 PM, 2017
Me 13th Jul 11:53 AM, 2017
Do you believe in destiny
Close your eyes and leave the rest to me
Do you believe in fantasy
I have to when it's right in front of me, oh
What are you doing here
In the real world
What are you doing here
So close I could touch you
What are you doing here
And what are you doing to me?!?!?!
Guest 14th Jul 2:00 AM, 2017
Mr. Universe.
Me 14th Jul 4:32 PM, 2017
Yay, someone knows Steven Universe. I feel like this song personifies Beauty's feelings
Sybilla J 14th Jul 9:41 AM, 2017
Leaving without saying anything, Beauty? Tsk tsk. And this is the second time this has happened! Oh, dear.

(and yet my heart is screaming "Go now! There's no time! Forget the fam!")
Narnia4Aslan 17th Jul 12:08 AM, 2017
I know right?! Gah! Beauty, I get it, you love him and right now he really needs you! But your "talking first" idea is really good advice for everyone you love, not just the Beast!
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 8:59 PM, 2017
To be fair, Beauty, the Beast wasn't very open to having a conversation at the time--he was determined to do what he thought was best for you, regardless of how he would be hurting/killing himself as a result. So even if you'd thought to ask him some questions--and why would you, when you were homesick and had been told that you two couldn't have the kind of relationship you'd been fantasizing about--he might not have given you any answers.

As for how the Beast is doing right now--I think there is some time manipulation going on, magic-wise. Days seem to be passing for her, but only hours are passing for him. It's possible that the magical force holding his contract isn't keen on letting him go, and wants to find a way around that by keeping him alive until Beauty returns. That or Swan Mom is interferring somehow, since she's already sent Beauty a dream telling her that she has a choice to make and should do it soon.
Rosie 21st Sep 7:30 PM, 2018
I do hope you're at least going to leave a note this time, Beauty.