Act Three, Chapter Three: 02

17th Jul 11:49 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 02
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th Jul 11:49 PM, 2017


Mar-ee 17th Jul 11:54 PM, 2017
Well at least the baby was in a good mood. Time for some more sister talk 83
Alexandra 18th Jul 2:02 AM, 2017
Wait, she didn't leave? Beauty, hurry and go SAVE THE BEAST!
And aww you sweet little thing! *coos*
the selkie wife 18th Jul 3:01 AM, 2017
are you KIDDING me?? she's STILL HERE?!?!? beauty i know we as the audience have extra information that you do not but GO AND FIND YOUR BOYFRIEND ALREADY HE'S KIND OF DYING
Paula Richey 18th Jul 6:07 AM, 2017
I see she's learned something - maybe a few things - about how much trouble it makes when you don't say a proper goodbye.
Fluffy 18th Jul 7:14 AM, 2017
"Why didn't she leave?"
Character development, people.

I understand a lot is at stake here, but for Beauty to just run off again without telling her family (who I am sure were worried as all hell when it happened the first time let alone the second) would be really against a lot of the maturing she has had during this whole series.

While Beauty and Beast are pretty closely intertwined, Beauty still has her own problems that she needs to face and settle before being completely free to help Beast. She is not going to be able to help Beast 100% until she can work out her own problems with her family.

Narnia4Aslan 18th Jul 7:06 PM, 2017
Hear! Hear! *Dances and cheers in the background!*

Of course all my glee over Beauty's maturing and facing her family problems is very much assuming that Ms Megan is going to eventually give us a proper happy ending for both Beauty and Beast, regardless of how many twists and turns and heartaches it takes to get there. ... right Ms. Megan? right?
Fluffy 18th Jul 8:21 PM, 2017
To add (cause every damn time I pause and think of this story, I have more to add) :

There are way too many BATB adaptions where Beauty has a strained relationship with her family and just doesn't do anything about it besides running away and living with the prince.
It is refreshing to see a Beauty form stronger bonds with her family as well as seeing a retelling speak up about how family love is just as important as romantic love.

Just aaaah, this development is beautiful so far.
SugarBee 18th Jul 8:26 AM, 2017
Okay so her getting into the tea makes me happy (not just cause I also have a cup rn) because while she isn't going to leave her family like before she can be a bit closer to Beast (also tea is just good)
Cat 19th Jul 10:12 AM, 2017
By the time Beauty makes it to Beast, she'll find nothing but a beastial skeleton with a handful of fur on the ground.
Narnia4Aslan 23rd Jul 5:30 PM, 2017
Hahahaha! I actually laughed out loud at your comment, Cat. Not sure if you meant it to be funny, and maybe I only found it funny because I don't think that's how it's going to go, but I think you summed up the general "Go rescue the Beast already!" viewpoint in a comical way.
Ju_Dragon 19th Jul 12:45 PM, 2017
I say good going to Beauty! She's growing and figuring out that her family has needs and worries too, that's good! Ofcourse I feel scared for Beast, but somehow I think it will be ok. (Maybe swan-mom will save him!)

Something else I noticed; suddenly there is a toddler in the bed? I had it in my head they only had one kid
erinacea 19th Jul 2:50 PM, 2017
I think that's her husband. :)

I was a bit confused as to why Beauty was still here, but the other readers have explained it beautifully and I agree it's great character development.

Great comic, love the art! :D
The Doodler 19th Jul 4:17 PM, 2017
The Doodler
And to be fair, Beauty doesn't know that her backing out of the contract/leaving might(will?) kill the guy. So we as readers have a far different sense of urgency.
Me 20th Jul 9:54 PM, 2017
Has Blackbird ever made that Wyeeeh sound? That would be adorable!!
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 9:13 PM, 2017
Beauty looks so grown up in the last panel and so, so like her mother. It looks like we'll be sitting down to a serious family discussion in this chapter. That's good--I think it's time they had one where Beauty's experiences at the castle and her desires for the future are concerned.

On a different note, I like that she took the initiative to use the Beast's gifts like they were intended, even if she's only gotten into the tea so far. I wonder if the taste is bringing back any memories for her (not that the thought of the Beast is ever far from her mind, these days).