Act Three, Chapter Three: 05

27th Jul 11:49 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 05
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 27th Jul 11:49 PM, 2017
I think this is going over well, don't you?


Me 27th Jul 11:57 PM, 2017
Welp, turns out I was both right.
(Yes, I know how it's spelled. It is completely intensional.)
banaladventures 28th Jul 12:01 AM, 2017
Turns out telling your family about your interspecies kink is a MISTAKE
LonelyTelescope 28th Jul 2:34 PM, 2017
To be fair, her dad has ZERO to say to her about it.
banaladventures 28th Jul 10:27 PM, 2017
Dad is wondering how in the heck he managed to pass on a kink as a family trait
ch1ck4do0dl3 28th Jul 12:31 AM, 2017
Poor Virtue is going to absolutely flip if/when she gets the full story.

"...Also, he literally has no heart."

Then again, she was also the one telling the story about the giant(?) with the hidden heart, so maybe that wouldn't actually be so far-fetched.
Mar-ee 28th Jul 1:03 AM, 2017
This would probably be a memorable awkward family moment here judging by Beauty's face. Well except for the wee nephew. He's just nomming on his hand
melaredblu 28th Jul 3:09 AM, 2017
Beauty, I admire you being honest with everybody so as not to worry them by wandering off without a word again, but come on now, there was no other response you were gonna get in this scenario.
metaceryn 28th Jul 3:53 AM, 2017
*soooo is this a family thing for you guys or what*
*claude, do you think i even want to know what’s going on here*
*dude you banged a swan, don’t pretend you’re above this*
CinnaMonroe 28th Jul 5:07 AM, 2017
Sooooo... when do you think Dad is going to spill the beans it runs in the family and that their mom was a magical swan lady? Whom he totally only was with when she was a lady.... I mean probably NEVER but REALLY DAD!? I'm kinda hoping Beauty would blow up about that but I doubt it, now it's her secret to bear. Their reaction is totally understandable from their view point she was taken and basically has Stockholm Syndrome!
Cat 28th Jul 6:06 AM, 2017
"THAT'S IT! I am leaving and if you don't accept that, well, it'll break everyone's heart, but I am not staying here any longer where my feelings are not being taken seriously." She could also say the whole thing about how she's growing up and leaving her 'nest' to find her own place and has no use in this household anymore...
Guest 28th Jul 7:35 AM, 2017
She should leave and bring him back all manified and say, what now? That will make them go O_o
The Doodler 28th Jul 9:36 AM, 2017
The Doodler
Even leaving the gent's current...species? aside, none of this sounds remotely sane without context. Poor guys. I love that she's actually talking to her family, though. Amazing version, as always.
Kawaii overload!!! 28th Jul 9:40 AM, 2017
Well, today I learned a new word: ensorcelled, which means to enchant or fascinate.
So either Viture is saying Beauty is enchanted by the Beast, which she obviously isn't, or she's fascinated by the Beast.
Obviously Viture means the later, but at least Beauty's other siste is trying to consider Beauty's feelings.
Props to you, Ms. Megan for great complex characters! ;3
PK 28th Jul 7:08 PM, 2017
Hm, I'd say Virtue probably literally means she thinks Beauty must be under a spell to want to go back.
Jessie Blue 28th Jul 3:47 PM, 2017
Jessie Blue
I love how Temperance is the one trying to be reasonable and calm everyone else down while still asking the questions that need to be said.
Also love Virtues face in the first panel and that her sister calls her Vee.
Michael 28th Jul 5:55 PM, 2017
Are that pants for a tripod? Unconventional. By the way, what about the deep litter eggs?
Michael 28th Jul 5:52 PM, 2017
Where is the camera, when you need one...

Seriously now. Thats totally unconventional, for real. And the men did not say a word - yet.
What comes now? Will they hold her back? Or try to reason? Will they try to listen to arguments and a story? Will the truth be enough?
Ransom 29th Jul 8:52 AM, 2017
To be fair to Beauty's family, guessing that she has been enchanted by the Beast or the castle's magic is not an unreasonable conclusion to make in these circumstances.
ArtsieSteph 29th Jul 12:19 PM, 2017
I kind of hope that the husband stands up for her
Cat 30th Jul 6:57 AM, 2017
He's making an expression of, "If I just be quiet and stay out of this, I'm sure it'll fix itself..."
RosesnWater 29th Jul 2:08 PM, 2017
I love the Charlie Brown eyes on Virtue, she is just too cute XD
FelinaofL2 30th Jul 6:40 PM, 2017
It's nice that Temperance is trying to give Beauty a chance to explain things without jumping to conclusions like Virtue.
Guest 31st Jul 6:12 AM, 2017
(clap clap) Bravo, Temperance! Finally someone with some sense.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 9:40 PM, 2017
That is the perfect reaction shot from the family. Even the baby has his hand over his mouth (though I'm sure he's just nomming on his own fingers). Virtue is handling this revelation well, but Temperance is being surprisingly reasonable about it (thank you, Temperance!). "Unconventional" is a good way to describe what is essentially an interspecies relationship, especially one where the partner doesn't even look human (unlike Swan Mom). I'm glad that Temperance is trying to get everyone to calm down and listen to Beauty, for once. Beauty should have someone on her side for this.