Act Three, Chapter Three: 06

1st Aug 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 06
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Aug 12:00 AM, 2017
See, this is why my family has a nice, healthy policy of pretending everything is fine and never acknowledging or discussing issues or feelings. Bury it and it'll go away, I sez!


Mar-ee 1st Aug 12:05 AM, 2017
Gotta give it to Temperance she's giving Beauty's side a look and understanding. Not that Virtue isn't, both sisters are being reasonable with this
RosesnWatre 1st Aug 3:39 AM, 2017
Am I thinly one who finds Temperance's response actually incredibly sweet? I feel like she's arguing because that's just who she is and she plays deveil's advocate (based on what we know about her, seems to like a challenge) but also because she cares deeply for Beauty and deep down she's jus a soft-hearted romantic with perhaps a chip on her shoulder?

Honestly I love these three girls so much, and I would love to know more abut their middle years. *of course that' not the story and nor should it be, but it would be interesting if they had little bio's in one of the books or something ^^'*
RosesnWater 1st Aug 3:44 AM, 2017
Also I love how strangely normal this conversation is about Beauty maybe loving a beast that kind of kept her as a prisoner although clearly she was happy there enough to miss it. I personally thought there would be so much more yelling.
Michael 1st Aug 7:11 AM, 2017
Still not one word from the men...
Vain.3805 3rd Aug 9:28 AM, 2017
So if a man doesn't say anything at all... will he still be wrong? XD
Michael 3rd Aug 3:11 PM, 2017
Good question. I need some time to think it over...
Jessie Blue 3rd Aug 3:12 PM, 2017
Jessie Blue
What? Brother-in-law was squawking quite a bit a few pages ago, doesn't that count? And Beauty and Dad kinda had their talk already, now is time to face the Sister Squad.
Kukki 4th Aug 1:14 PM, 2017
Men tend to process internally and then try to fix the problem. Women tend to process verbally and then feel better for having talked about it, even when the situation hasn't changed.

They're all acting in character.
Michael 14th Oct 9:15 PM, 2017
True. I like the storytelling and the dialogues respectively manyalogues. All very in character, well done.
Cat 1st Aug 7:54 AM, 2017
Virtue, you're a good help here, but I don't know if actually using the term "she needs help" about her feelings is... I dunno, it still sounds like you're implying she's insane.

Also, no future, Temp? She had a good 'future' there for while she was with him. And, no offense, what future does she have with you guys?
Vain.3805 3rd Aug 9:29 AM, 2017
Well... her sister is holding a baby so... likely the conventional future seen for most women particularly considering the time period.
Cat 3rd Aug 12:45 PM, 2017
OmG, you mean Beauty will have a baby by her sister's husband?! */Sarcasm*
Michael 14th Oct 9:17 PM, 2017
maybe Virtue is talking about no chance for an offspring.
ArtsieSteph 1st Aug 9:57 AM, 2017
I am so so so happy that her sister is sticking up for her. I know personally my boyfriend (who lives out of state) and I have had the same things said about us, "How is it gonna work?" "What future is there?"
KSClaw 1st Aug 10:00 AM, 2017
Thank goodness *someone* is willing to take Beauty's side in some way.
Paula Richey 1st Aug 10:03 AM, 2017
I'm thinking that Virtue actually knows and understands how Beauty feels, but she's in full-blown denial mode, because having family members leave is too freaking terrifying to contemplate.

I'm pretty impressed by Temperance here... I wonder if she's being analytical because she needs to offset Virtue, or is this some experience she's speaking from here? I know what the modern trope would be.
Kukki 1st Aug 10:41 PM, 2017
You took the words out of my mouth!
KatieKat 1st Aug 10:27 AM, 2017
I know I've said it before, but I truly love that Temperance and Virtue aren't shrews like in the original.
Michael 14th Oct 9:18 PM, 2017
The Doodler 1st Aug 1:06 PM, 2017
The Doodler
Interesting...they don't think the Beast is a jailer and this a case of Stockholm syndrome. Maybe they know about Swan!mom's deal?
Sophi(e)a 1st Aug 1:36 PM, 2017
Thank goodness for Temperance. While I understand Virtue's panic, Temperance speaking up for the validity of Beauty's experience and emotions is so important for Beauty.
metaceryn 1st Aug 3:45 PM, 2017
My initial impression is that chess player Temperance is leading Beauty into a rhetorical trap, to convince her that This Is Not A Good Idea.

But a better read of the situation might be a philosophical dialogue, where Temperance is feeding Beauty prompts and leading questions so she can articulate her position, rather than get shrieked into silence.

Also, Temperance 100% confirmed romance novel author
MadStuart 1st Aug 4:05 PM, 2017
Me being me, my first thought is "I wonder if Temperance has been having confusing pantsfeelings about women."
MsMegan 1st Aug 6:58 PM, 2017
Ding ding ding! A million points to Gryffindor. The subplot wound up weighing down the story too much, so it got cut but in all earlier drafts Temperance is HELLA gay.

(No points for me, however, because Word of Author and all is very nice, but that isn't the same as on-the-page representation and I know it)
Sybilla J 1st Aug 8:53 PM, 2017
I LOVE this. Any chance you'd draw/release outtakes/extras in the future that may or may not depict this unofficial side plot? (Yes, I am totally shamelessly begging for more story from our beloved author. I know I can't be alone here!)
MsMegan 3rd Aug 11:01 AM, 2017
Aw, thanks Sybilla~ Don't worry, you'll be getting lots more from me, even if it isn't strictly about these characters. Working on BATB the last five years has opened a lot of unexpected doors in the world of comics and media, though most of it is still hush-hush... I can confirm two upcoming short fairytale adaptations for publication, though!
Fluffy 1st Aug 10:09 PM, 2017
Holy snap I dig it!!!

Temperance being hella gay has been a headcanon of mine for a couple years now.

I can also get behind a side story where Temperance finds her love! Maybe she also falls in love with a mystical type?
MsMegan 3rd Aug 10:55 AM, 2017
One early draft had Temperance upset because her love interest had decided to go for a more stable future and married a much older man, thus spurring a bit of her defence of Beauty pursuing her Gentleman Monster. A later edit that I much prefer changed that over to Temperance struggling with the fact that her family needed her to keep the household running, even though her ladyfriend, a widowed shop owner in town, had invited her to share the apartments above the store and co-run the place. She and Beauty mutually encouraged one another to make peace with their family, but also to pursue their love (thanks to FINANCIAL FREEDOM, courtesy The Beast). I still like this angle, but it took the focus off of Beauty's emotional arc too much, and as much as I hated to cut it, I had to if we were ever going to get back to The Castle.

I could also see Temperance ditching this podunk town entirely once we see the family taken care of, and returning to the city to pursue academia, scandalously single and rocking a waistcoat. I envision her as a George Sand type...

I love Temperance a LOT and could see myself doing something with a character of her type down the road. Probably not her, specifically, because sister-of-fairy-tale-heroine spinoff books tend to be a bit weak, but maybe.... mayyyybe...
Michael 14th Oct 9:24 PM, 2017
Interesting to hear from all the head work around the whole thing. It is so much preparations until a good story is finally on the paper.
I think i understand that spinoff thing a bit better now.
Me 3rd Aug 8:55 PM, 2017
I bet on mermaid
Cat 3rd Aug 12:46 PM, 2017
Glad you decided to cut that subplot out, as you say it would deter from Beauty's emotional arc and would, overall, not add much to the entire plot of the story.
Jessie Blue 3rd Aug 3:22 PM, 2017
Jessie Blue
Eeeee! I love Temperence twelve times as much now!
Bill 3rd Aug 8:19 PM, 2017
Opportunity for some fanfic here, doncha think?
MadStuart 15th Aug 3:38 PM, 2017
Ha! I forgot about leaving this comment. I'm surprised (and thrilled!) to be right about Temperance being hella gay.

I do like both the potential side storylines you had for her, though I understand why they had to be cut.
Michael 14th Oct 9:20 PM, 2017
From the story and the talk, I didnt see that. Interesting though.
Meaghan 3rd Aug 4:50 PM, 2017
'You'd be giving up--! You wouldn't be able to--!! You couldn't--' *gestures hands at baby*
metaceryn 3rd Aug 6:57 PM, 2017
"Never know until you try."

AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 9:59 PM, 2017
Even without Megan's comments below, I think Temperance being gay is easy to pick up on here, given how she's both talking about falling in love with someone outside of their societal norms, as well as rejecting Virtue's idea that a traditional marriage with children is something that everybody wants.

Also, Megan, while you cutting Temperance's romantic subplot makes sense (and makes me sad), there's nothing to say that you can't show Temperance with her lady love in the eventual epilogue montage (if there is one, that is). So that's something you could consider, if you want to make it her sexuality clearer by the end of the story. That or you could have a short side-comic about it, as bonus material for the final book or an omnibus edition of the comic.

Anyway.'m pretty sure that sex was still on the table for Beauty and the Beast, given some of their scenes. And they were already cohabitating, so that's /kind of/ like they were married, even if they don't have the paperwork for it (though I feel like the castle would be happy to whip up a contract for them). And it's not like anyone would be around to threaten them with pitchforks for their relationship so...I'm not seeing a problem here.

As for children...well, maybe they could? They'd have to try and see what happens first. Or maybe they don't want to have children. Or maybe magic could get around that--I feel like the Beast did mention something about helping people concieve their heirs with magic. So who knows really. As long as Beauty and the Beast's relationship makes them happy, though, it's not a dead end for them.