Act Three, Chapter Three: 07

4th Aug 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 07
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 4th Aug 12:00 AM, 2017
Temperance, in this family we sweep things under the rug, and you are making that difficult


Mar-ee 4th Aug 12:07 AM, 2017
Haha event he brother-in-law's a little surprisedXD. Gotta give Temperance another point here :3
metaceryn 4th Aug 12:23 PM, 2017
Claude's coming to grips with just how many species there are in his in-laws' family tree.
ArtsieSteph 4th Aug 12:07 AM, 2017
I love how all the family are showing concern and love in different ways. And none of them are wrong in their delivery either. Sometimes you need silence, sometimes bluntness, sometimes for things to be the same, sometimes for skepticism. But in the end, it's Beauty's choice.
Michael 4th Aug 7:28 AM, 2017
ArtsieSteph 4th Aug 12:09 AM, 2017
Also I love Beauty in the frame where everyone is staring at Tempe. While everyone is going "What did she just say" Beauty is going "Holy crap, she's right."
Helena 4th Aug 5:50 AM, 2017
I want to hug Temperance now.
Cat 4th Aug 7:03 AM, 2017
"A 'Monster'? Excuse me, Dad? YOU F***ED A BIRD! You have the least right to say anything about my romantic interest."
the selkie wife 4th Aug 8:52 AM, 2017
hear hear!

won't *that* be an awkward meet-the-family dinner...
The Doodler 4th Aug 10:06 AM, 2017
The Doodler
They're all amazingly relaxed about this, compared to what I would be.
Stitchlingbelle 4th Aug 1:44 PM, 2017
*high-fives Temperance*

Also I really need her to have a happy ending someday too. (Epilogue?)
Guest 4th Aug 4:47 PM, 2017
all hail Temperance, the voice of reason!

and yes, good Papa, call the Beast a monster so that we can get the obligatory "he's not a monster" speech. Like please, Beast is more man than most men....
Sybilla J 4th Aug 4:48 PM, 2017
oops this was my comment
Silvre 7th Aug 4:45 PM, 2017
Yeah!! Tell it girl! :D
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 10:08 PM, 2017
Temperance is the best. She really is. She cuts to the heart of the matter--if Beauty thinks that she owes the Beast something, she shouldn't go, but if she wants him, then she should go for it. I love how surprised everyone is at her speech and how bashful she is in response. Keep being awesome and go make out with your girlfriend as soon as this conversation is resolved, Temperance.

And aaaaahahahaha, no, Virtue, your father does not get to decide this for Beauty. She's an adult and the patriachy cannot sway her. Also your father seems willing to go along with what Beauty wants here, in part because he loves her and in part because he's been there, since he married a shapeshifter and all.
eekee 27th Mar 2:58 AM, 2019
Beauty's face, panels two AND three! <3 ^.^