Act Three, Chapter Three: 08

8th Aug 9:46 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 08
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Aug 9:46 AM, 2017
Whoops, sorry Dear Readers! the long weekend threw off my sense of time!


Sybilla J 8th Aug 11:26 AM, 2017
I love this so much. It had to be her choice to go back, and it had to be her family's choice to say goodbye. And to let her know she's always welcome, no matter what. This is precious, A+ example of a family right here. Now we just need Virtue to come around, too.
Cat 8th Aug 12:03 PM, 2017
Virtue's husband is still staying quiet.
Is he realizing what family he married into?
KatieKat 8th Aug 12:20 PM, 2017
Megan, you've consistently written this right. Thank you so much.
Mar-ee 8th Aug 12:32 PM, 2017
Wonderful moment here8)
the selkie wife 8th Aug 12:36 PM, 2017
you know the rules: when beauty cries, i cry

guess it's time for her to . . . fly the nest
Kawaii overload!!! 8th Aug 2:37 PM, 2017
I thought he was going to say the opposite of what I thought he would say!
Thank goodness that Beauty's dad is so understanding! He just won my respect, and with overprotective dad characters nowadays, that's hard to do.
He knew that it was time to let her go, and he told her to follow her heart, even if things didn't work out, and that she would always have a place to come home to if that was the case.
Thank goodness!
I'm a happy girl!
anne 8th Aug 6:04 PM, 2017
well that just

"you'll always have a place here"

*fills a bucket with tears*

nicely done. very nicely done. this was a really powerful moment and you nailed it.
Fluffy 8th Aug 7:06 PM, 2017
Aaaah she looks at the bandage.
That was such a huge bonding moment for Beauty and Beast. The fact that she remembers that whole thing so fondly is just... Aaaah!

Also good job family! Super supportive and understanding that Beauty has grown.
Guest 9th Aug 6:32 AM, 2017
This is so beautiful!
prime_pm 9th Aug 8:10 AM, 2017
"We'll leave a light out for ya."
melaredblu 10th Aug 3:18 PM, 2017
I can't say enough good things about how this family works. They all care so much about each other, and this is a beautiful moment.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 10:16 PM, 2017
This is so gorgeous and such a healthy family dynamic for them to have. I love that Beauty's father is so willing to respect her choices and doesn't throw down any "us or him" ultimatums. She can come home to them anytime, no matter what happens. That is so reassuring and refreshing. And she and Argus should take them up on that invitiation and visit them frequently once he's recovered. I'm sure it would do him so much good to see what a supportive family is like and be a part of it.