Act Three, Chapter Three: 09

11th Aug 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 09
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 11th Aug 12:00 AM, 2017
Put on a little Evanescence, light some candles, real classy-like


Mar-ee 11th Aug 1:06 AM, 2017
Something bad for poor Argus it seems :/. Poor fella, I worry for him
the selkie wife 11th Aug 2:25 AM, 2017
oh god... he definitely tried to kill himself by the fountain, didn't he? i thought there was a possibility he killed his mother, but . . . it was himself, wasn't it??
Miss Elcia 11th Aug 10:54 AM, 2017
He is definitely the type to do himself harm before others, even that horrid witch, so I'm thinking the same as you.
Cat 11th Aug 6:44 AM, 2017
Incredibly abrupt scene-change.
Meaghan 11th Aug 9:21 AM, 2017
'A callow youth wants to make his little tragedy suitable dramatic'

Hey, high school is rough. We all been there
Cat 15th Aug 9:27 AM, 2017
I'd call Highschool less rough and more pointless. At least, the social aspect of it. Most of the people from highschool you'll never meet once you graduate and no employer is gonna care that you got voted Homecoming King/Queen while looking for a job.
Miss Elcia 11th Aug 10:50 AM, 2017
Welp that explains a lot actually....
Damn it Argus all this is NOT your fault, and... oh god I just had a terrible thought, if he tried to off himself and ended up in ...where ever the castle is, what happened to his mother? and her evil machinations? I highly doubt she took it sitting down.... given her vengeful nature...
Paula Richey 12th Aug 9:51 AM, 2017
I thought so - it's a very chess-like thing to do. He must think that with him out of the picture, his mother will have no hope of gaining the throne by murdering his baby half-brother. She has considered him a pawn - if she can just get him to the other side of the board he'll be promoted! - but he's decided he can just as easily be a sacrificial piece.
Me 12th Aug 10:31 AM, 2017
Even though he was magically cursed to be a heartless beast by committing a mortal sin, this is oddly relatable.
metaceryn 12th Aug 1:02 PM, 2017
And finally, we come to the darkest secret of them all:

Argus was 100% an Emo Kid.
MsMegan 14th Aug 10:51 AM, 2017
Pat R 13th Aug 1:10 AM, 2017
From the looks of it, we're going to perhaps find out just what exactly happened so long ago that forever changed his fate, or at least I'm hoping. As it seemed in Argus's mind, what better place to die than one forbidden like this? He probably felt he may as well damn himself there in the act, feeling he deserved it. And yet... not quite how it worked out.

And then, we have the other pacts to completely understand yet on the block.
Pat R 13th Aug 1:25 AM, 2017
Also, I just want to add that, even though this might be considered near the tail end of the story and I only recently was advised by a fellow artist to check it out, it's been an amazing read and a fantastic vision of the classic tale. Sadly, I can relate almost entirely to Argus/Beast in their personal sorrows of being shunned, cursed and pains of unrequited love... and the fear of growing too close to someone cared for. And I won't lie: you can mark me down as one of the types wanting to give Beast a caring hug in all his sorrows. And yet... still so many questions I wish I could ask...

This story has done such a number to my own heart, but I don't regret it one bit, and I thank you. :)
ArtsieSteph 13th Aug 1:58 PM, 2017
That's literally what I thought of, like "oh he's going emo on us"
MsMegan 14th Aug 10:52 AM, 2017
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 10:26 PM, 2017
Oh man. "A callow youth borrowing ancient trappings to make his little tragedy suitably dramatic" is so demeaning and upsetting. I'm not sure if Argus is the one narrating that, or if it's the power behind the fountain, but either way, the narration is dripping with scorn. Does it really matter how he tried to kill himself, compared to the fact that he wanted to and took the steps to do it? Of course, his decision to do it like this could mean that what he really wanted was for someone to help him--that this was his way of crying for attention. And unfortunately (or fortunately?) for him, someone with magic was listening....