Act one, Chapter Three: 05

20th Dec 11:37 PM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 05
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 20th Dec 11:37 PM, 2012
I promise this won't be another extended wandering-The-Castle sequence.

Fun fact: Because I couldn't go to France myself, my mother and sister acted as my research team while they were being tourists. They're to thank for the photo reference I use for sets and locations.

Also, I'm taking suggestions for a Christmas pinup over on tumblr. Feel free to leave a comment here or there about what you'd like to see!


cattservant 20th Dec 11:43 PM, 2012
An ambulatory spirit,
Curiously compelled...
MsMegan 20th Dec 11:47 PM, 2012
she's just a nosy busybody
cattservant 21st Dec 12:05 AM, 2012
Turf must be marked!
Territories delineated...

(And a very good End of Time to you this fine Winter Equinox!)
ashhenson 20th Dec 11:46 PM, 2012
More beautiful line weights! The castle looks so airy and elegant! This is rather contradictory but It strikes me as a Gothic Versailles. Wonderful.
MsMegan 20th Dec 11:49 PM, 2012
I miiiiight have sent a sister to Versailles armed with a camera...
lsjdflsjdf 21st Dec 2:24 AM, 2012
Love it. Also noticed a change in costume. Now I want a paper Beauty doll with multiple costumes.
MsMegan 21st Dec 1:07 PM, 2012
In earlier drafts, there was a scene where Beauty made a fuss over being offered clothes and only wanted her own back, but I felt like that was straying too close to Robin McKinley's "Beauty", and that I didnt want Beauty to come across as entirely petulant, as that's all we've seen from her lately. So instead, we're jumping ahead.

Also, paper dolls would be perfect merch, wouldnt they? I really need to make a real shop instead of a zazzle account...
Rosen. 21st Dec 12:49 PM, 2012
Damn girl, backgrounds. D:
Also, I really love those door handles!
MsMegan 21st Dec 1:01 PM, 2012
Yeaaaah, this was not one of those one-day pages! I think I mentioned that your beautiful work on The Light Eaters had lit a fire under my tuckus? *grin*
Kim M 21st Dec 1:50 PM, 2012
Gorgeous. (And I, too, would like a Beauty paper doll....)
Rosen 21st Dec 6:41 PM, 2012
Dahhhh, now you're making me blush!

I also vote on a Beauty paper doll...that's giving me ideas too. :3 heh, heh, heh.
Dyl 21st Dec 7:30 PM, 2012
Especially with such gorgeous backgrounds!
del c 22nd Dec 7:33 PM, 2012
del c
As everyone else has mentioned the back grounds are fantastic,such detail,I would never have the patience to do any thing like it...,it's a real talent to to be able to do what you've done.
MsMegan 22nd Dec 7:54 PM, 2012
To be perfectly honest, I hate layouts and backgrounds with a passion -- I'm not good at visualizing space. I'm more of a character-moments person. that's exactly why I made myself spend three days on this and the next page. Anyway, The Castle is an important character in this, as much as both Beauty and The Beast are, so I can't be shoujo-vague about it. (I won't lie to y'all... There is so much photo reference at work here it's not even funny).

Oops, I mean... Thank you! Thank you very much! .___.
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 8:40 PM, 2013
Oh lord, the amount of references you've probably been using honestly scares me. But looking at the castle scenes also always gives me a kick, because I spent a LOT of my time in Europe visiting fancy buildings and identifying different types of architecture (I became sickeningly good at it, actually). If you ever want more references - though they'd be from England and Italy, mostly - let me know. As it is, I'm amusing myself with noticing the tiny, nature-invoking details, like how the doorknobs are shaped like gusts of wind (associating her with the swan-motif mother, maybe?) and the little trees coming up from the stair-posts.
sheshallnotbenameless 24th Aug 11:55 PM, 2013
I feel like when I'm writing, my idea of backgrounds are always rather murky. So to see something so well-established like this castle...*claps*