Act Three, Chapter Three: 15

1st Sep 8:20 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 15
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Sep 8:20 AM, 2017
Uh ohhhhh


the selkie wife 1st Sep 8:32 AM, 2017
the heartbeat returns . . . brb just gonna go back and check every other page to see how often b-dmp-ing hearts appear, and what they tend to signify :P
Sarah 1st Sep 9:26 AM, 2017
Oh what?
ArtsieSteph 1st Sep 10:37 AM, 2017
please be mama swan please be mama swan please be mama swan please be mama swan
Surka 1st Sep 10:52 AM, 2017
That silhouette really doesn't look like a swan. *Something* startled a robin or something.
Cat 1st Sep 10:52 AM, 2017
I'm thinking of Krabat right now and the bird will have a missing left eye.
Paula Richey 1st Sep 12:15 PM, 2017
Is this one of Beast's sparrows that he set free?
Mar-ee 1st Sep 12:21 PM, 2017
A bird or an omennn?
Mar-ee 1st Sep 12:21 PM, 2017
A bird or an omennn?
Stitchlingbelle 1st Sep 5:19 PM, 2017

*chews fingernails*
The Doodler 4th Sep 9:14 PM, 2017
The Doodler
(Lame comment, but I love how you can tell what type of fabric her dress is with so few lines.)
Miss Elcia 7th Sep 2:49 PM, 2017
"three for a death"

I feel like I just channeled Ichabod from No Evil (an awesome YouTube show by Betsy Lee about myths and legends)
But until I see three birds I'm not going to worry... Cause that's the omen apparently three birds.
(Besides we all know how the traditional story ends)
MsMegan 8th Sep 12:03 AM, 2017
I think it's three knocks for a death, not birds... if I recall rightly it goes...

one for sorrow
two for joy
three for a letter
four for a boy
five for silver
six for gold
seven for secrets ne'er to be told

though I believe there are variations that include births and such, too... I'd have to look it up!
Miss Elcia 15th Sep 9:34 PM, 2017
Ooh, you are most likely correct with the knocking, but since the variation I'm familiar with uses birds for it's own metaphors that's what clicked in my brain.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 3:06 PM, 2018
Aaah, I forgot that she had a time window in which she could return--I'm surprised that the Beast mentioned it, considering his determination to free her from the contract. Beauty rightly guesses that her difficulty in returning is because something has gone wrong, but it looks like the birds might indeed help her!