Act Three, Chapter Three: 16

5th Sep 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
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Act Three, Chapter Three: 16
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MsMegan 5th Sep 12:00 AM, 2017 edit delete
birb fren


Mar-ee 5th Sep 12:08 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Hmmm a mute bird, either enchantment, signs she's close, another omen, or a not so subtle welcome?
Fluffy 5th Sep 12:13 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Most likely a good sign! These appear to be the mute birds Beast released that were mentioned in Act 2 Chapter 5 page 13!
guesser 5th Sep 12:50 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
I think the birds are not actually mute, but that everything they chirp or tweet is magically transported to that room in the Beast's residence.
LaLechuga 5th Sep 5:04 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
I love this theory... Although, I seem to recall that it was a cacophony of tweeting in the room? I wonder if all their chirps collect within the room and then discharge all at once when the door is opened?

[Obviously, I am enjoying this line of thought more than the necessary work that is in front of me...]
guesser 6th Sep 5:06 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
The more birds affected by that "telechirp" spell (all of them in a big section of forest surrounding the Beast's residence?), the noisier it will be in that one room.
guesser 6th Sep 5:26 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
I originally thought the birds were in that room and invisible, but if the Beast wasn't lying about releasing them, then the chirping still audible there needed another explanation. Perhaps it is simply a magical recording? Birds were originally in the room for how long?
Miss Elcia 7th Sep 2:53 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
I vote for this. Everything they "say" is heard in that room.

Do however wonder if they are all really birds to begin with. Given that there's that thread of folks turned to animals in this story.
Chi121 5th Sep 12:12 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
The birds he freed, the ones that became simple sparrows and such out of their gilded cages, are here to save the day! Glad you picked up that thread from way back.
the selkie wife 5th Sep 2:35 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
the Beast's birds!!

I hate to say this, but I'm glad they're still mute right now -- it means the enchantments on the castle must still be in force, and by extension, that Argus is still alive for now.

also, adorable . . . tit . . . ? (i'm so terrible at birds) is adorable/
NanamiG 5th Sep 9:56 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Which chapter is it where Beast is talking about these birds he set free?
Guest 5th Sep 10:00 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Act 1, Chapter 4, page 23
prime_pm 5th Sep 10:38 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
"I'm gonna call you Morse."
Guest 5th Sep 11:27 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
They're so cute. They are going to repay him for letting them free.
Michael 5th Sep 7:26 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
nice idea, i like that one.
Alexandra 6th Sep 1:54 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
I get Snow White vibes but with mute birds!
Cat 6th Sep 7:29 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
I'm reminding of Hitchcock's The Birds.
*slowly backs away from the horde of birds*
Carol 7th Sep 12:04 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Found this yesterday and have been obsessively reading it in my spare time ever since. I had a running bet with myself as to whether or not it was completed already, and have been keeping one eye on the posting dates as they got closer - and closer - and closer to the present day. And even so, I still managed to be surprised when I clicked the next button and found that I'd caught up with the end! Nooooo! Now I have to wait for the next update like everybody else!

Ahem. Seriously though, I'm loving this. It's beautifully drawn, and I really like the pacing. I can see why some might feel impatient when they have to wait between updates, but when read as a whole the pacing works really, really well. I stand in awe at your talent, both as an artist and as a storyteller.

...and now I have the irrepressible urge to go read McKinley's "Beauty" while I wait for the next panel. You've just acquired a new follower. I'm so happy to be on board!
MsMegan 8th Sep 12:01 AM, 2017 edit delete reply
Oh gosh! Thank you for all your kind words! I'm very glad to have you on board! Hope you'll enjoy the freefall to the end!
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 4:08 PM, 2018 edit delete reply
There is definitely something eerie about having an entire flock of birds staring at you and making no sound. But some of the creepy factor is eased by one of them landing in front of Beauty and trying to chirp, but failing to do so. It's kind of cute. Beauty is probably going to guess on the next page that these were the birds that the Beast freed.