Act Three, Chapter Three: 17

8th Sep 12:05 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 17
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Sep 12:05 AM, 2017
birb frens


Mar-ee 8th Sep 12:11 AM, 2017
Thank goodness for enchanted bird friends!
rufiangel 8th Sep 12:23 AM, 2017
I love that the A/N last page was 'birb fren' and today it's 'birb frens' XDDD

Fly! Fly, pretties! Lead Beauty to where her heart is <3
the selkie wife 8th Sep 2:41 AM, 2017
'Come, little birds
Down from the eaves
And the leaves
Over fields
Out of castles and ponds..'
Guest 8th Sep 4:21 AM, 2017
'Quick little birds,
Down through the eaves,
And the leaves,
Over fields,
Out of castles and ponds...'
Cat 8th Sep 10:20 AM, 2017
The asterisk makes me think the birds are actually cursing.
Cartoon Sara 10th Sep 11:14 AM, 2017
* Birb shall not be held responsible for any inaccurate directions, lost items, or delays in reaching your destination.
Bex 8th Sep 11:15 AM, 2017
Something about her skirt in that last panel makes me think of Miyazaki films, like Kiki's Delivery and Howl's Moving Castle. It's so gorgeous!
Sybilla J 8th Sep 1:16 PM, 2017
Literally was just going to comment the same thing. Beauty's status as a Studio Ghibli protagonist has been realized! :D
Stitchlingbelle 8th Sep 1:43 PM, 2017
Yay birbs!
Carol 8th Sep 11:58 PM, 2017
That little sparrow (is it a sparrow?) is just so CUTE! Also, I could totally feel the motion in that last frame. Nice.
Silvre 9th Sep 10:56 AM, 2017
That last panel is just so pretty! Gosh I love this comic so much, the story and art is gorgeous and so compelling!
The Doodler 9th Sep 4:11 PM, 2017
The Doodler
Cartoon Sara 10th Sep 11:09 AM, 2017
Guest 25th Feb 5:24 PM, 2018
this last panel reminds me very much of one of the paintings in the hall of animal spouses...
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 3:11 PM, 2018
Ahhh there we go, the realization! I love that these birds are magical enough to understand her (though perhaps Beauty being half-swan maiden gives her an affinity with birds, to ease that communication problem). I love the panel of them all taking off and Beauty's surprised look at the bottom of the page. There's so much energy to it!