Act Three, Chapter Three: 20

19th Sep 12:03 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 20
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 19th Sep 12:03 AM, 2017
You know, I was gonna say something about the anachronistic statuary here, but then I realized that I haven't actually been era accurate (or, for that matter, defined an era) with anything at all. So instead, I'm just going to keep throwing floriography at you, Dear Readers, and seeing what sticks.


rufiangel 19th Sep 12:31 AM, 2017
This page is beautiful *@_@* golly

But that limp paw does NOT bode well. HURRY, BEAUTY
Cartoon Sara 21st Sep 10:14 AM, 2017
Though I could well be wrong, I strongly suspect that this is part of the flashback to the suicide attempt and subsequent transformation. So it may not be an accurate picture of the Beat's current state.
ExasperatedDwarf 19th Sep 12:36 AM, 2017
Oh my gosh, this page is amazing! I want to get it without the word bubbles and have it as a background! Sooooooo pretty!
Egg Muffins 19th Sep 4:42 AM, 2017
I second this!!
Michael 19th Sep 8:14 AM, 2017
Mar-ee 19th Sep 12:51 AM, 2017
Both poetic and beautiful with this page
Carol 19th Sep 1:29 AM, 2017
Hmmm, you've got feathers and falling leaves and rose petals, huh? They all sort of combine to give a feeling of the need for haste, the quickly waning time as the story and timeline wind down, and a sense of foreboding. Nicely done.

...also, how on earth did you manage to make one of my favorite flowers fill me with a sense of foreboding? Kudos to you for being such a thorough storyteller.

Anyway, nice mythological references, and your drawing is always gorgeous. Thanks so much!
Noelle-M 19th Sep 2:25 AM, 2017
I have to say, I'm always amazed at the depth of your artistic, poetic, writing, and plotting skills! You never cease to amaze me with your clever ability to create such a deep, mesmerizing story! Keep it going, always beyond joyful that you do so much HARD work for your viewers!
Always loyal,

Guest 19th Sep 7:08 AM, 2017
Woahhhhhh. :O
Cat 19th Sep 11:48 AM, 2017 mean 'gracefully' in the last part? Not gratefully?
Kate from Iowa 19th Sep 4:35 PM, 2017
It could work either way. I've always rather hated the Orpheus story, so gratefully works just fine for me. Eurydice was done. Dead and in the Elysian Fields. What right did Orpheus, who'd been her husband for the entire time it took her to finish saying her vows and die from a snakebite, have to drag her away from that just because he was determined to not even try to accept what had happened? He was just as bad as Narcissus, only more extroverted about it.
Sybilla J 19th Sep 8:22 PM, 2017
Oooh that's a very interesting take. Before I read your comment I just figured she meant Argus was feeling grateful to be like Eurydice in that moment, not necessarily that Eurydice was grateful. Hmmm.
(Either way, nicely done Ms. Megan!)
Cat 20th Sep 5:46 AM, 2017
For me, that part always felt like Erydike would have gladly returned to the living (by Orpheus' side or not) and, when Orpheus couldn't help but look at her for some stupid reason, she fell back and was pretty pissed about it. But it's been a bit since I read that story.
MsMegan 21st Sep 11:05 AM, 2017
Gratefully is the correct line, yep!

Cat, I think most readings of the myth would agree with your analysis, but like fairy tales, myths have been warped and refitted to suit their audiences in many different periods and settings. The Beast's interpretation is influenced, as The Doodler says, by his personal world view.

The Doodler, I really like your observation that all of the myths we've encountered have been used by the characters as talking points or personal metaphors... Don't ever take it all at face value, Dear Readers.
The Doodler 20th Sep 10:37 AM, 2017
The Doodler
To be fair, a suicidal guy might interpret that myth through his own personal lens -- that she'd be grateful to fade back into the forgetfulness of the underworld. (Does that make Beauty Orpheus? She IS a musician...)
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 3:40 PM, 2018
So in addition to the transformation, the Beast initially doesn't remember anything of his human life, but feels relief over leaving it behind. While this is understandable, given the toxic relationships he was in, this begs some questions. What triggered the return of his memories? Did it happen slowly over time or did specific things start bringing them back? Was it contact with other contractees? Was it his slow return to being more human--learning to speak, write, draw, etc.--as time went on? How long did the process take? And how did he deal with those painful experiences coming back to him? Was there a period of denial? It's tough to say. Obviously they took a toll on his mental health, hence the situation he's currently in. This does effectively convey that trauma isn't something you can run away from, try though you might. You have to confront it if you're going to move forward.