Act Three, Chapter Three: 21

21st Sep 11:51 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 21
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 21st Sep 11:51 PM, 2017


Mar-ee 21st Sep 11:58 PM, 2017
I know its a comic but I wanna say this is cinematic worthy here. Both brilliant, artistic, poetic, and tragic. The pain and angst... that contrast in this.

Poor Beast:(. I wish someone had been there for him. Please get to him soon Beauty
RavenBaraq 22nd Sep 10:35 AM, 2017
I second Mar-ee's observation: I am mega impressed with how you managed to make a couple of still comic pages so cinematic! These are beautiful! (Also those roses at the bottom! So pretty!)
The Doodler 22nd Sep 12:27 PM, 2017
The Doodler
Poor guy is stuck as sapient human mind affected by an animal body. It must be so tempting/exhausting to slide all the way down rather than hanging on. (And it has to make death seem more appealing, if only as a way to finally rest.)
Silvre 22nd Sep 10:39 PM, 2017
Loving the dark backgrounds on the Beast's pages - definitely gives that sense of foreboding / desperation / hopelessness. Gorgeous artwork, love the thorns around his hand in the first panel.

(Beauty for the love of Pete run faster!)
Carol 23rd Sep 1:05 AM, 2017
Brrr, that dripping spiderweb - and the Beast trapped at the center in a tangle of roses - it's beautiful but scary.
Zanuka 24th Sep 4:27 AM, 2017
Honestly, this would make a better live action film than the atrocity that was Disney's flick.
guesser 25th Sep 12:41 AM, 2017
I kind-of wonder how far this version of the story might diverge from other versions. For example, if the Beast really doesn't want to be human, because of the horrid things so many humans do, perhaps at the end Beauty will transform into a 2nd beast....
FelinaofL2 25th Sep 10:52 PM, 2017
I remember hearing once that the Disney animators knew that no matter how handsome they made the Beast's human form, the audience would never be satisfied with it, because they'd made the audience fall in love with the Beast.

I think it's wonderful that you've shown glimpses of his past as a human, and made us love both Beast AND Argus. You've surpassed the Disney film by doing that. :)
MsMegan 25th Sep 11:25 PM, 2017
Thank you for saying that! To make the readers care as much for the man as The Beast was one of the things I challenged myself to do when I started working on this comic, entirely because I'd never seen it achieved, and I knew it wouldn't work based on appearances alone. I'm pleased to hear that you like our boy Argus!
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 4:01 PM, 2018
God I love this page so much. It's gorgeous and frightening in equal measures. The thorns around his paw, how small he looks in the rose-studded chair, the passage of time implied by the cobwebs--it's beautifully constructed. And the language here, talking about the relief of not having to think about anything, reminds me of the real and dangerous ways that people try to cope with their trauma--namely through substance abuse. Again, running away from the trauma, rather than confronting it through therapy.

Not that Argus had the option of going through therapy, given when the story is implied to take place. Which is a difficulty of the genre in general--how do you provide therapy to your characters in a world where therapists aren't a thing yet? Mostly the answer seems to be through the support provided by their loved ones and maybe through talking to a mentor or a priest, but in real life, that often isn't enough.

That solution also doesn't necessarily work in this story, given the theme of "You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved/You can't save someone from themselves." Beauty's support of the Beast helps and may act as a turning point for him, but he also needs to be willing to give himself a chance. Her saving him through her love alone would be too simplistic a solution here.
dzai 7th Aug 10:19 AM, 2020
A knot in the web... Perhaps it is about to unravel...