Act one, Chapter Three: 06

24th Dec 11:42 PM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 06
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 24th Dec 11:42 PM, 2012
Photoshop crashed on me while doing this page and I had to redraw all of those damn clocks.

...Would you call that clock-blocking?


cattservant 25th Dec 2:09 AM, 2012
(You had a lot of time in your hands!)

Things seen and
Things unseen
Have you heard
Spirit birds?

(Why does Beast keep an aviary of invisible birds?)
OnlyFoolsAndVikings 25th Dec 2:09 AM, 2012
Oh lord I too, am a fan of the room filled with an excessive amount of clocks. The Beast has mighty fine taste.

also, beautiful page c:
lasjflsjldfjsdjf 25th Dec 3:45 AM, 2012
My first Christmas present! I like that you're introducing a sort of whimsy to the Beast's castle. It's not all dark and dreary. I'd probably freak out too if I heard chirping from an empty room.
The Doodler 25th Dec 2:33 PM, 2012
The Doodler
I've been lucky enough to be in a clock room like that. So cool.
Rosen 25th Dec 10:58 PM, 2012
Excellent! A Christmas post! Gleeeeee! At any rate, I am both intrigued and enchanted by these clocks and spirit birds. There is something melancholy about the clocks...marking the hours, perhaps? Anyway, gorgeous page. I approve.
Dyl 27th Dec 2:04 AM, 2012
...but you're relentless!
MsMegan 28th Dec 3:41 PM, 2012
I'm basically indestructible.
Kim M 28th Dec 6:12 PM, 2012
Oooh. Invisible birds? Do they tie into invisible servants, by chance? (That's one of my favorite elements of "Beauty and the Beast," and I've been quite curious to see how you choose to handle that aspect.)
MsMegan 28th Dec 8:04 PM, 2012
Hm...this is a bit difficult to answer without getting quite a bit ahead of us...Is it too much of a tease to say I don't think it's been done this way before and leave it at that?
Kim M 28th Dec 9:00 PM, 2012
Not at all. Anticipation is (at least) half the fun. ;)
RosesnWater 11th Feb 3:09 AM, 2013
Wonderful, I love your beauty by the way, she's not traditional beauty though she is very pretty, she seems like a very interesting character
and... lol cock-blocked, very clever XD
MsMegan 11th Feb 11:39 AM, 2013
She;s still growing into her features a little bit, I think (and I'm still growing into drawing her consistently...)
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 8:44 PM, 2013
You know, I think those clocks all have the same time on them. I'm going to go with 4:30 or so? Somehow I doubt she slept that late, so maybe those clocks stopped working after a significant event took place (which would more like have taken place before dawn, I'm thinking). And then we get all of the bird cages - which either have invisible birds, or the birds' voices have been captured in them (I am aware of the answer, but just in case someone besides you is reading these comments, I'll refrain from saying which is the case).
sheshallnotbenameless 24th Aug 11:57 PM, 2013
I think it says a lot about Beauty's character that she doesn't just marvel over the wonders. She approaches them with a bit of skepticism.