Act Three, Chapter Three: 31

26th Oct 11:18 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 31
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 26th Oct 11:18 PM, 2017
oh, the power's back on.


rufiangel 26th Oct 11:36 PM, 2017

May the path to true love be illuminated by your heart <3
Mar-ee 26th Oct 11:59 PM, 2017
I know she's talking to the castle but the old spider bit made me think of his mother.

Also go Beauty!
Sophi(e)a 27th Oct 12:00 AM, 2017
Go Beauty! You tell that castle what's what!
ch1ck4do0dl3 27th Oct 12:11 AM, 2017
Oh God, you really had me going there, MsMegan. Thankfully Beauty is a smart cookie and knows better than to play into that trap.

Get out there and save the day, Beauty!
metaceryn 27th Oct 2:39 AM, 2017
the selkie wife 27th Oct 3:57 AM, 2017
hell yeah, beauty! you tell that ol' lump of semi-magical rock!

but where is she now??? is she finally going to see the beast?
melaredblu 27th Oct 4:38 AM, 2017
*breathes the biggest sigh of relief ever*
Helena 27th Oct 4:40 AM, 2017
What a relief. I thought that she was really going to make a contract with that thing. Go Beauty!
Guest 27th Oct 6:13 AM, 2017
Oh man, looking at the papers on the ground... Beauty just got sent to a flashback.

Who is it she will see?
Sward 27th Oct 7:00 AM, 2017
Yes yes yes. That is right.
Cat 27th Oct 7:49 AM, 2017
"You hurt my feelings, Beauty. Now I'm leaving." *sniff*
Brunny 27th Oct 8:08 AM, 2017
MK_Wizard 27th Oct 8:34 AM, 2017
And this is why Beauty was always one of my favourite heroine's.
Silvre 27th Oct 8:40 AM, 2017
YES! You tell 'em, Beauty!! Now go save your Beast!
KatieKat 27th Oct 9:21 AM, 2017
Atta girl!
Stitchlingbelle 27th Oct 12:47 PM, 2017
Sybilla J 27th Oct 2:10 PM, 2017
Oh, ok YES. YES, BEAUTY, YES! Kick that castle's sorry behind.
I love it. I love her and her strong will. Never change, Beauty.
The Doodler 27th Oct 5:51 PM, 2017
The Doodler
While "Beauty" is an accurate name, they also coulda gone with "Intelligence", "Good Sense" or "Serious Guts"!
ch1ck4do0dl3 28th Oct 12:40 AM, 2017
While we've never had any indication that she does have a middle name (and quite honestly, I'm not sure when/where middle names became a thing), we've never been explicitly told she doesn't have one/several, either. :P I think those are some excellent candidates!
AshErika 28th Oct 11:04 AM, 2017
*cheers and does a happy dance* go Beauty!! you rock!!
Jessie Blue 28th Oct 4:09 PM, 2017
Jessie Blue
Throw in my enthusiastic "Yaaas!" with the others! Temperance isn't the only one with sense in the family.
ArtsieSteph 30th Oct 2:03 PM, 2017
I love how it literally cowers from her. You go girl!
Someone 4th Nov 3:22 PM, 2017
her last speech was the best definition of 4chan I've ever read.
Someone 4th Nov 3:22 PM, 2017
her last speech was the best definition of 4chan I've ever read.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 5:28 PM, 2018
EXCELLENT! You tell the castle, Beauty! "You're nothing but an old spider trapping unhappy people in your web" is such a great and perceptive burn. I also like the fact that Beauty claims that she's not dying as well as not leaving. She's not about to take the castle's threats to heart.