Act Three, Chapter Three: 32

30th Oct 11:29 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 32
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 30th Oct 11:29 PM, 2017
Hey Megan, you know how you can only work while the baby is asleep? You should absolutely spend that precious time drawing shelves of books. It's a good investment!


Mar-ee 30th Oct 11:53 PM, 2017
I think I see a smile when she goes to see if he's in his chair. He's there in that castle Beauty, you'll find him! I have faith in you!

Also hope the baby is doing good MsMegan
rufiangel 31st Oct 5:16 AM, 2017
Her expectant face as she runs to look at the empty chair, and then her heartbroken face D: nuuuuu

Please, Beast, where are you? HOLLAAAA
Guest 31st Oct 6:56 AM, 2017
Library... must be important.
metaceryn 31st Oct 9:50 AM, 2017
Get your magic beastman boyfriend chipped today—before it’s too late.
A message from the Society for the Protection of Magic Beastman Boyfriends
Elcia 3rd Nov 7:52 PM, 2017
Hahahaha, your comment totally made my day.
Brunny 31st Oct 12:05 PM, 2017
actually commenting a critique: this one page, I had to read it twice to better understand the movement on the scene... (first glance, I couldn't grasps where were she and to where she was turning). since i love the work, I just don't want to say a bad thing and nothing more, so first difficult interpretation page in idontknowevenhowmanymore? that's great, isn't it? also, i'm eating at 5 p.m. after a 5h shift and a restless night, so maybe my brain is not in her best moment
FerniDerbi 31st Oct 12:37 PM, 2017
Actually, I had the same problem and I thought it was because my brain has been very in tune with the way mangas are written, but upon close inspection, it seems that the flow of this one is a bit sloppy. It must happen at some time and I think it helps with the overall feeling of this past pages, so I have no complaints.
Vain.3805 1st Nov 1:01 PM, 2017
I think the confusion stems from
- The direction she is turning in. It seems like more than half a turn and in the other direction it seems like it would be less but she's disoriented so I don't find her turning the less efficient way to be unbelievable.
- Her arm position after the turn is the mirror opposite of her arm position before the turn which may confuse the viewer since the camera position remains the same.
- Her arm position reverts back when she approaches the chair, possibly further confusing the reader who is used to noticing details as they may be significant later.
MsMegan 1st Nov 2:12 PM, 2017
Crit noted and appreciated! Probably overhaul this one for the print edition.
AshErika 1st Nov 9:21 PM, 2017
Odd, I didn't have any trouble following it. It felt like she was getting her bearings after being stuck in the dark for a while, then instantly looking all around her for "Beast"/Argus. I tend to do the same thing when I'm lost, turning every which way before spotting my goal or finally just picking a direction. XD
Vain.3805 2nd Nov 2:29 PM, 2017
There's no way to account for every readers interpretation. It's especially tricky when as an artist you're trying to convey one level of confusion and wind up with the readers having another XD
I didn't find it confusing but I see how it may be.
AshErika 3rd Nov 4:12 AM, 2017
True :-) Perception is reality, and all that.
Ransom 31st Oct 1:27 PM, 2017
As a lover of library and book shelf art and photos, I won't complain!
Alexandra 2nd Nov 3:18 AM, 2017
And in the scattered papers, she either find the contract....or Beast's attempt to write her name...
Alexandra 2nd Nov 3:18 AM, 2017
And in the scattered papers, she either find the contract....or Beast's attempt to write her name...
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 5:31 PM, 2018
And when the lights come back on, she's in the library where she and the Beast bonded. Appropriate! Buuuut he's not there, even though she was so hopeful that he was. You're going to have to go into the forbidden maze, Beauty. You know it in your heart to be true.