Act Three, Chapter Three: 33

3rd Nov 12:13 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 33
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Nov 12:13 AM, 2017
Haha, another for the redraw pile I think. I must've been pretty tired when I did this chunk @~@


Mar-ee 3rd Nov 12:29 AM, 2017
Aww poor Beauty 8(. (Though kudos with drawing her expressions in this)

ooohh the book. Will you give her a clue?
Meg 3rd Nov 1:10 AM, 2017
Let's approach this logically, Beauty. What do you do when you're searching for something you've lost? You've already tried the most likely places. Now maybe check where you saw him last...
rufiangel 3rd Nov 1:43 AM, 2017
;____; Those tears, I felt them in my heart

Also Beauty is finally going to get a clue! I AM EXCITE <333
AshErika 3rd Nov 4:18 AM, 2017
why on earth would you want to redraw this?! it grabs the heart and wrings it like a wet rag! *sniff* who knew the combination of scattered papers, tears and a book could convey so much?
Cat 3rd Nov 6:48 AM, 2017
Beauty, what are you doing? You are all gung-ho to find him, yet now you sit down and weep? You know full well that won't help. Get up.
The Doodler 3rd Nov 9:11 AM, 2017
The Doodler
I was going to say "This is no time to sit around and read poetry!" but isn't Ovid the guy who wrote Metamorphosis? In that case, maybe it's the perfect time...
Michael 3rd Nov 10:46 AM, 2017
I think its good. I can feel her being out of balance not only internally, shaking even, when i look at the pages of her sitting down. Well done, indeed.
Sybilla J 3rd Nov 2:39 PM, 2017
I think you nailed the angles, tbh. She looks so lost and alone and confused, everything's crooked and nothing's quite right
metaceryn 3rd Nov 10:15 PM, 2017
Panels 3 and 4 actually work well, because the Reader naturally follows Beauty’s sightline to the book on the ground—bringing it to Our attention at the same narrative timing as hers.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 5:34 PM, 2018
I don't blame you for crying, Beauty. You've had a long and stressful day and the Beast is nowhere to be found. But now you have found the Book of Plot and Emotional Relevance, so that should help you find your way! Also, I wonder why all of these papers are scattered around. Are they another indication of the castle now being without its caretaker, or did the Beast leave these pages here?