Act Three, Chapter Three: 37

16th Nov 9:50 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 37
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Mar-ee 17th Nov 12:16 AM, 2017
This is both poetic yet speaks in a tragic tone. And it makes it beautiful to read... sorry that sounded dumb. But I really love to seeing that through his eyes.
Alexandra 17th Nov 2:13 AM, 2017
ohhh...there you go my poor heart, torn into bits...
Guest 17th Nov 6:18 AM, 2017
It speaks of hope... however, has a twinge of too late.

Man, I am so curious as to how she will break the spell.
Cat 17th Nov 6:37 AM, 2017
Beast's face in the last panel looks hilarious.
ArtsieSteph 17th Nov 9:07 AM, 2017
I’m guessing she just found him and to him that’s not a good thing. I hope his heart is where she can reach.
Sophi(e)a 17th Nov 12:38 PM, 2017
My thought process after reading this page: She found him! Yay!....It's not going to be this easy, is it?
Kate from Iowa 17th Nov 3:54 PM, 2017
...have you read Ursula Vernon's/T. Kingfisher's Beauty and the Beast story? It has a more complicated ending than usual, but a very, very good one.
The Doodler 17th Nov 5:33 PM, 2017
The Doodler
Oh man, it just hit me how friggin' HUMANIST* this version is, which fits perfectly.

*I hate words with like fifty definitions, but here we are. I mean like "Emphasizing the good/importance of being human".
Silvre 17th Nov 8:03 PM, 2017
Yay she found him! But why do I have a terrible sense of foreboding?? :(
Narnia4Aslan 18th Nov 9:43 AM, 2017
I think, I'm pretty sure, this is all flash-back. A beautiful, poetic, tragic look into Beast's life as a beast and what it meant to him to have Beauty there. The first panel is from when Beauty first entered the castle. The second from when Beauty first touched Beast (I think). And the last... (I'm not going back and double checking but if memory serves me right)... the last is when Beast asks Beauty to take a walk with him, right before he frees her, after the whole "I have no heart" scare. So no, Beauty has not found him at present dying in the garden. But this is good back story and I think it'll flow a lot easier in book format vs. online updates.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 5:58 PM, 2018
Yeeeeep, you need someone to share these things with, otherwise life feels empty (even severe introverts like Argus need social contact). So the Beast was feeling hopeful about Beauty, but even that doesn't banish the clouds of depression/the castle's plotting. Also, slightly creepy first panel here (mostly because his eyes are in shadow), where we see that the Beast watched Beauty's arrival, rather than just waiting for her in the banquet hall. Out of context there would be a jump scare here.