Act Three, Chapter Four: 03

1st Dec 10:08 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 03
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Dec 10:08 AM, 2017
Hey Guys. My community has been blindsided by unimaginable tragedy this past week. It's not my story to tell or my grief to share, but hold your loved ones close, OK? We're lucky to have each other as long as we do.


KatieKat 1st Dec 11:52 AM, 2017
May we all have someone who would brave a malicious maze for us.
Stitchlingbelle 1st Dec 2:13 PM, 2017
Hugs, Megan. I'm so sorry.

Thank you for your art.
Kukki 1st Dec 5:16 PM, 2017
The Beast's vision is coming true...
Mar-ee 1st Dec 11:53 PM, 2017
I'm getting a dejavu here
AshErika 2nd Dec 10:25 AM, 2017
true, true... most people don't want to think about that, preferring the idea that things will go on as they always have, but that's not how life works :-\
Guest 2nd Dec 7:57 PM, 2017
Oh no. The Beast foreseen this. :/ Will he risk himself to save her?
SpoonyViking 4th Dec 8:08 AM, 2017
I'm sorry, MsMegan. Thank you for your work!
Vain.3805 4th Dec 1:58 PM, 2017
Have this picture of this thing I made on the 30th.
Makes it all better
MsMegan 4th Dec 4:21 PM, 2017
Oh my gracious! Congratulations!! Look at that little sweetheart! Is this your first? Mine is such a big kid now!
Vain.3805 5th Dec 11:04 PM, 2017
Is my first! I was so surprised how big yours has gotten! I just went in for a checkup with mine and that little sucker has gained half a pound already...
MsMegan 6th Dec 11:19 PM, 2017
Ah, I'm so happy for you! The first three months are brutal, but it gets so much easier after that! (and yes, Blackbird is a giant baby. He was over the 99th percentile for a while!)
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 6:15 PM, 2018
I wouldn't be surprised if the maze led her in circles for a while out of spite. It certainly seems to be trying to trip her up. She's definitely not getting out of this unscathed.