Act Three, Chapter Four: 04

5th Dec 12:49 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 04
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Mar-ee 5th Dec 1:10 AM, 2017
Dejavu I mean if Beast were watching but also keep going Beauty fight him. Don't let... whatever this is stop you
Kawaii overload!!! 5th Dec 2:28 AM, 2017
Man, the castle really enjoys playing a sick game, don't it? But it's underestimating how much Beauty loves Beast and thinks merely stopping her with vines will be enough.
Helena 5th Dec 4:10 AM, 2017
Now a trimmer or an axe would be good.
Guest 5th Dec 6:55 AM, 2017
I wonder if it is testing her?

If it's against her, why? Like, is this magic evil? Does it have a boss?
Sybilla J 5th Dec 8:56 AM, 2017
I'd say pretty darn evil, but like most villains, the Castle probably thinks it's the Good Guy. After all, it's just honoring the deals people made and the contracts that have been signed....

But since that means Beast is dying and all... Go, Beauty, Go! (I also vote for flamethrower...burn the whole castle down!)
Kirala 5th Dec 12:45 PM, 2017
You're assuming the castle has a moral alignment at all. I'm not sure about that. Or at least, I suspect that if the castle has any sapience, it's *trying to figure out* this "morality" and "feelings" thing, and has an arc that's been progressing as the Beast has been there. But I'm 99% convinced that the Castle has as many moral impulses/understanding as my laptop, and any morality is connected to a power behind it that hasn't been checking in often, if at all.
Paula Richey 5th Dec 6:57 AM, 2017
Time to get the flamethrower!
a Drop of Beauty 5th Dec 4:01 PM, 2017
a Drop of Beauty
*Tosses Paula a flamethrower* Get 'em while they're hot, folks!
AshErika 6th Dec 5:45 AM, 2017
flamethrowers and machetes all around!

gotta say, absolutely love the look of annoyed determination on Beauty's face here
The Doodler 6th Dec 7:12 PM, 2017
The Doodler
This is so Sam Vines. "Ah, an unknown sinister force is trying to strangle me with thorny vines! Glad to know I'm doing well."
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 6:18 PM, 2018
"You wouldn't try to stop me if I weren't on the right path." That's probably true, though again, I could see the maze doing this out of malice. But that is unlikely here, since that would hinder the story's pacing.