Act Three, Chapter Four: 05

6th Dec 11:30 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 05
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 6th Dec 11:30 PM, 2017
*slam dunks into the "redraw later" bin*


Mar-ee 6th Dec 11:38 PM, 2017
Ohhhhh cue whatever music best goes with the final panel.

Gotta love Beauty's determination and quick thinking
Helena 7th Dec 3:52 AM, 2017
Now she's going to wave her hand like Bruce Lee, in a "come on" manner.
Helena 7th Dec 3:52 AM, 2017
Now she's going to wave her hand like Bruce Lee, in a "come on" manner.
Lauren 7th Dec 7:26 AM, 2017
Cue the Wonder Woman theme music!
The Doodler 7th Dec 10:20 AM, 2017
The Doodler
Lock and load!
MadStuart 7th Dec 4:00 PM, 2017
I finally saw Thor: Ragnarok last week so that final panel just cued up Immigrant Song in my brain.
Silvre 7th Dec 9:43 PM, 2017
I adore your rendition of Beauty! She’s so sweet and kind and a total badass too. The perfect heroine!

You go girl, you show those thorns and castle who’s boss! Nothings going to stop you from reaching your love! *cheers Beauty on*
a Drop of Beauty 7th Dec 9:46 PM, 2017
a Drop of Beauty
I'm sure there's a better song, but the last panel made me think of the song "Megalomania" from Undertale.
Guest 7th Dec 11:56 PM, 2017
Let's get down to business
to defeat this maze
It may think I'm weak
But I'm full of strength
It's the scariest hedge I've ever met
But you can bet by the time I'm through
Castle, I'll find the Beast
And break the curse!

(I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist)
Alexandra 8th Dec 3:40 AM, 2017
YES! I thought the same!
Guest 8th Dec 6:56 AM, 2017
I love how this Beauty is a hardcore girl. When the Beast learns about what she did in the maze to get to him he's gonna be like, 'wow'.
Daniel J. Drazen 8th Dec 11:19 AM, 2017
"Come at me, burrs!"
Sophi(e)a 8th Dec 12:32 PM, 2017
I love Beauty's strength and determination so much.
Margaret Moon 8th Dec 10:54 PM, 2017
I heard this song in my head when I saw this panel.
Bill 8th Dec 11:14 PM, 2017
Megan -
I want to get off Patreon - do you have any other way to contribute?
MsMegan 11th Dec 2:21 PM, 2017
There certainly is! You can contribute via Ko-fi if support via Patreon has got you down.

The Patreon snafu is dreadful. I haven't had a chance to address it, but I'm certainly not pleased with them!
Bill 12th Dec 5:23 AM, 2017
Thanks - I’ll probably stick w/ patreon for the time being, wait to see how it all shakes out. I’m pretty mystified by their actions - seems awfully boneheaded to me.
AshErika 9th Dec 9:52 PM, 2017
love this :-D she's basically glowing with determination. freaking awesome! bring it, you evil tangle of weeds!

as for the re-draw bit, I'm definitely not an artist, so yeah... but her face does look a bit odd in that last panel. about all I can see tho
Cat 12th Dec 6:48 AM, 2017
"I have TWO bandaged hands; nothing can stop me now!"
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 6:21 PM, 2018
Smart of Beauty to try and wrap up her hands against the thorns (though again, as someone who fights raspberry bushes each year, I can tell you that this wouldn't be 100% effective). Also, now her legs are going to get torn up a bit, but that would have happened anyway without jeans. I admire your guts and resourcefulness, though, Beauty! You show the maze who's boss!