Act Three, Chapter Four: 15

18th Jan 10:59 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 15
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 18th Jan 10:59 PM, 2018


Reading Wolf 18th Jan 11:29 PM, 2018
@page: Oh thank god.
a Drop of Beauty 19th Jan 12:56 AM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
flatbear 19th Jan 1:23 AM, 2018
ikr. First I'm wibbly, then I see the gif and I'm just in shock from emotional overload. XD
Mar-ee 18th Jan 11:31 PM, 2018
Ohhh I'm both happy but worried!!
Fluffy 18th Jan 11:41 PM, 2018
On one hand: Yaaay!! Reunion!!! <3

On the other: Oh no why does his face look like that in the last panel?
Sophi(e)a 18th Jan 11:53 PM, 2018
My exact reaction!
a Drop of Beauty 19th Jan 12:57 AM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
Possibly thinking "She's here!...She's not supposed to be here, why is she here?!"
KatieKat 19th Jan 8:36 AM, 2018
That's the look of a man (so to speak) having some sort of awful realization.
CartoonSara 19th Jan 9:57 AM, 2018
A. “Wait, did she just say my name?”
B. “Wait, is this covered in the contracts?”
C. “Wait, what is this throbbing thing in my chest all of a sudden?”
D. “Wait, did I leave the magic teapot on the fire?”
ch1ck4do0dl3 19th Jan 12:08 AM, 2018
Please tell me this is going to be like Howl's Moving Castle (the movie--iirc, the book has a different scene) where the difficult part is over, Argus has his heart back and is re-learning the weight of it, and will shortly again be human.

a Drop of Beauty 19th Jan 12:59 AM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
I second this motion!

Also, there's a BOOK!?!?!
flatbear 19th Jan 1:21 AM, 2018
XD Yehhhsss, Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle" is based on a book--the first in a trilogy!--by Dianna Wynne Jones. I have to think of the movie and the book as separate entities, because Studio Ghibli took A LOT of liberties. I love both, but please do read the books as soon as you can!
a Drop of Beauty 20th Jan 9:13 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
Bless you and thank you for enlightening me. I shall have to see if either of the podunk libraries around small town usa can grab it.
MsMegan 21st Jan 9:53 PM, 2018
This whole exchange made me so, so very happy.
a Drop of Beauty 22nd Jan 12:09 AM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
Hopefully a small sliver of the happiness you bring us with your wonderful story and art ^__^
Mad Hatter 2nd Feb 9:16 PM, 2018
I've read the Howl's Moving Castle book but I had no idea it was part of a trilogy.
Guest 19th Jan 5:24 AM, 2018
Oh man, his face looks like he just registered something.
the selkie wife 19th Jan 5:40 AM, 2018

but also, sure hoping that last expression is just shock that beauty's here, and not shock at something . . . more sinister....
Stitchlingbelle 19th Jan 10:35 AM, 2018
*still scared*
Silvre 19th Jan 6:02 PM, 2018
Hallelujah he’s alive!!! *cries*
AshErika 1st Feb 3:57 AM, 2018
first, apologies for the lateness. again. real life, I tell ya...

second, and most importantly, YES!!!! I'm fairly sure I can say that I've never been so glad to be right before. Argus is awake, Beauty is back... hopefully this will mean all is well?

third, that gif... you just had to, didn't you? *sniff* the feels...
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 7:12 PM, 2018
Yes, he woke up! Not dead, thank goodness! He definitely looks alarmed in the last panel, though, so I don't think we're out of the woods yet. Especially since there's been no confessions of love yet.