Act Three, Chapter Four: 16

22nd Jan 11:00 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 16
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 22nd Jan 11:00 PM, 2018
You can have a nap? I'll make tea? I'm sure everything is totally back to normal now.


DaemonDan 22nd Jan 11:09 PM, 2018
*SHALALALA singing*

Go on and, kiss the beast.
Sophi(e)a 22nd Jan 11:16 PM, 2018
Or, perhaps, a simple "I love you."
Sophi(e)a 22nd Jan 11:18 PM, 2018
We are so close to everything being okay, but I have a really nasty feeling about what else could go wrong.
Mar-ee 22nd Jan 11:19 PM, 2018
Ohh contract hate to ask what its goin' on 8B
ch1ck4do0dl3 23rd Jan 12:28 AM, 2018
Oh, Beauty, surely you've heard enough fairy tales to know that leaving off like that is the perfect opening for the malevolent forces you HAVE to know are there!

The question now is how much each of them is going to defend the other in the coming pages.
Guest 23rd Jan 5:17 AM, 2018
Oh man. Either she will say the magic words or she is gonna get spell blocked.

So close to figuring out what exactly this contract entails and so close to hearing the words the Beast needs to hear. Which will prevail???
Daisy 23rd Jan 9:02 AM, 2018
This whole scene is always my favorite part in any b&b retelling, and you have not disappointed! I'm on the edge of my seat and overwhelmed with emotions.
Joanna S 23rd Jan 10:51 AM, 2018
Finally got Act Two in the mail! (Thanks again, Megan!) And of course the first page I open is the one where Beauty says the name Argus aloud for the first time and he has quite the reaction...
And now he's awake because she said his name! But somehow I think she needs to tell him she loves him, next. Argus, you're not looking so good....
FelinaofL2 23rd Jan 3:01 PM, 2018
Contracts are complex when on paper, but magical contracts are terrifyingly WORSE. Swan Mom's legacy is still lurking as well...

Random thought: Since this is a fairy tale, last names aren't important unless the plot demands it. But I wonder if Beast's full name might be Argus FITZROY....
MsMegan 23rd Jan 9:37 PM, 2018
...There might be drafts where that's a thing.
Naomi 23rd Jan 9:56 PM, 2018
*cars and trucks speed by drowning out what Beauty says next with horns*
metaceryn 24th Jan 10:52 AM, 2018
“Argus, the plot-critical line I need to deliBOW BOW BOW BOW BOW BOWWWWWWyou!”
MsMegan 24th Jan 8:56 PM, 2018
NanamiG 25th Jan 4:55 PM, 2018
Ooh! Which anime is that? I recognize it but I can't come up with the title ?
Stitchlingbelle 24th Jan 3:57 AM, 2018
help i'm dying
metaceryn 24th Jan 10:53 AM, 2018
Hey, so’s Argus! Funny how that worked out.
a Drop of Beauty 2nd Feb 3:09 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
Guest 25th Jan 1:26 PM, 2018
Say it! Say it! Say it!
NanamiG 25th Jan 4:54 PM, 2018
So she calls him Argus a few pages ago and now we're back to Beast? Once she's crossed the name bridge, wouldn't it make more sense to just stay there? Keep calling him Argus?
Fluffy 25th Jan 10:35 PM, 2018
It is a force of habit most likely. She's called Argus "Beast" this whole time so I am sure it is taking some time to adjust to calling him by a new name.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 7:23 PM, 2018
Yeaaaaah, there's the plot coming back around like a boomerang. The ending isn't going to be as simple as a confession of love making everything better. You both still need to find a way out of your contracts. Also, to be fair, Beauty, it's not selfish to leap at the chance for freedom, nor did the Beast explain how he got you out, either. He didn't even discuss the "amendment" he wanted to make with you first, so I think he might be more to blame here than you. He's still learning the importance of communication and of letting you make your own decisions. He'll get there, I'm sure, but for now you still have a mess to work through.