Act Three, Chapter Four: 18

29th Jan 11:00 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 18
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Natalie 29th Jan 11:26 PM, 2018
His face in the last panel is absolutely heartbreaking.
Mar-ee 29th Jan 11:51 PM, 2018
Oh my dear Beast...she does care. But its not just care, its love. And its that love is why she won't leave you behind
Reading Wolf 30th Jan 12:28 AM, 2018
And i had a thought just now: He wants her to leave him behind, because he honestly doesn't believe someone like Beauty could ever love something like him...
Or worse, that she'll regret loving him...
ch1ck4do0dl3 30th Jan 12:40 AM, 2018
I suspect it's some of both. He doesn't want her to get hurt and regret it, but he also isn't sure he can be loved.
Bryn 30th Jan 12:24 AM, 2018
Ahhhhh these pages are torture! I just want her to spit it out and him to let her speak! The suspense is killing me!

(In the best way for the record.)
Pat R 30th Jan 12:40 AM, 2018
With all we know of Beast's life when he was Argus, it's not hard to see why he wants to push Beauty away. Not only does he feel unworthy of anyone's love, but he fears those he loves of getting hurt because of him, whether directly or indirectly. As a result, he seems to feel that denying himself of Beauty's affections will prevent the pains of the past from returning and repeating once more, and thus things will be as he feels they should, with him suffering as he feels he deserves and Beauty able to live on. And yet, he refuses to understand that by doing this, HE will be the one doing the heartbreaking this time and will be denying her the love she feels.
Cat 30th Jan 5:25 AM, 2018
"Quit your eternal bitching, fancypants."
And, again, just drag him, Beauty.
Guest 30th Jan 5:25 AM, 2018
She is gonna do something.

I can sense it. She is gonna rebel.
Brunny 30th Jan 5:34 AM, 2018
yeah, she's been rebelling the whole story for the right reasons and this should be no different! ought, even, because i want them to be happy!
Brunny 30th Jan 5:40 AM, 2018
I've been in couple therapy for a while and this is the case every time: my partner in life is always guessing how I'm gonna act, or feel, or think, and then acting as if the guess was real, so I always end yelling "stop taking my freedom of choice and listen to my actual reality!", so, this is so authenthic!!!!! (not like I don't act wrong lots of times, but that just the point: to make mistakes and love each other anyway)

Also, this way it's made crystal clear that is this brave girl the one that saves the day, a true heroine. Beast, listen to her speech (I'm positive this is going to happen), let her rescue both, and know that you rescued her before too!!!!


(sorry if i'm too pumped)
Reading wolf 30th Jan 11:32 AM, 2018
... She's going to challenge the castle isn't she?
Lostariel 30th Jan 12:35 PM, 2018
Yeah, that is not the face of a woman who is going to take that well.
Stitchlingbelle 30th Jan 4:40 PM, 2018
Say "Absolutely, I'm leaving right now," stick him on a wheelbarrow, and book it out of there!
ArtsieSteph 30th Jan 8:40 PM, 2018
AshErika 1st Feb 9:10 AM, 2018
ouch. not the way I was hoping this would go, but... I can see the fire in Beauty's eyes in that second to last panel (or I hope I do). some gears are turning in there, I'm sure of it.

she's going to "take a third option" regarding this contract/castle business, isn't she? get them both out all in one big, fantastic go... yes? because that would be epic, and totally in keeping with Beauty's character

And we all know where you're coming from, Argus, but really... take the hint, man. the lady loves you, or she wouldn't have freaked out at the idea of you dying, or been so very clearly relieved when you woke up
The Doodler 1st Feb 2:44 PM, 2018
The Doodler
I think he loves her, too. That's the problem. And nothing jams communication like being literally physically unable to explain what's going on. :/
AshErika 2nd Feb 3:24 AM, 2018
sad but true
Reading Wolf 1st Feb 5:16 PM, 2018
Third comment i know but still... my brain is on high, so i had another thought: The plants were trying to protect Beast.
What if the reason he's cursed isn't because he killed someone in a sacred place, but because he still believes in the place where his heart should be, that he deserves nothing but to be punished? That this is his penitence?
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 7:30 PM, 2018
"If you'll go..." he says as he bleeds all over her dress. I don't for a second think that she's going to abandon him, even though he's probably sure that she will (and might even want her to, because the possibility of being loved is scarier than being alone).