Act Three, Chapter Four: 19

1st Feb 11:00 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 19
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Feb 11:00 PM, 2018
she's got you there, buddy

Also! My latest anthology book is out! You can order Gothic tales of Haunted Love on comixology or from Indigo and enjoy my adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Master Fox (sometimes called The Robber Bridegroom)!


Mar-ee 1st Feb 11:42 PM, 2018
Got you off guard a little bit with that, didn't she?
Reading Wolf 1st Feb 11:59 PM, 2018
Beast: I don't...
Beauty: *waits*
Beast: I...
Beauty: *Waits*
Beast: ... i'll see if the castle can make up a room for you.
Caity 2nd Feb 12:03 AM, 2018
Yesss! Smart Beauty! Go for the loopholes!
ch1ck4do0dl3 2nd Feb 12:11 AM, 2018
Took me a sec to remember that he can't lie.

Clever girl, Beauty!

Your move, sentient castle/maze.
Reading Wolf 2nd Feb 3:32 AM, 2018
the selkie wife 2nd Feb 4:40 AM, 2018
oh man, you got me there. i ALSO forgot about that
erinacea 2nd Feb 12:05 PM, 2018
Wait, he can't lie?
Kukki 2nd Feb 9:08 PM, 2018
If I could up-vote or "like" comments, you and metaceryn would both get a ^ for your reminders. I had totally forgotten.
Tursiops 2nd Feb 1:05 AM, 2018
o/~ So ya got ta let me know,
Should I stay or should I go? o/~
Alexandra 2nd Feb 3:04 AM, 2018
And BAM! That's how you get a love confession!
AshErika 2nd Feb 3:33 AM, 2018
aw yeah!! you go girl!! *happy dances around the room, badly singing "in your face, creepy castle!"*

please, please, please, PLEASE believe her, Argus! I know it's going to take some adjusting to the idea that somebody actually does care about you, isn't going to run away, AND can handle herself in difficult situations... but it IS possible- as Beauty is currently proving, clever, amazing girl that she is.
Brunny 2nd Feb 3:54 AM, 2018
Beauty! You snakey serpentine girl!!!!!!! Brilliant!!
metaceryn 2nd Feb 4:04 AM, 2018
the selkie wife 2nd Feb 4:40 AM, 2018
*incoherent screaming*
Helena 2nd Feb 4:51 AM, 2018
Cat 2nd Feb 6:23 AM, 2018
Sounds a bit like emotional blackmail. What the heck, Beauty?
ch1ck4do0dl3 2nd Feb 5:13 PM, 2018
Not that two wrongs in any way make a right, but she's turning the Beast's "If you care, you'll leave" back on him. I agree that what Beauty is doing is probably a bit more manipulative because the Beast's feelings towards her are more obvious to her than hers towards him are to him, but she's trying to get him to realize she wants to fight this with him, and that she's staying because she cares. In a fairy tale/storytelling trope context, I think it's fine. In real life, it'd be a bit more problematic.
Guest 3rd Feb 2:51 PM, 2018
The verbage also makes much more sense if you read through the comic all at once, rather than having it broken up to twice a week updates.
Guest 3rd Feb 2:51 PM, 2018
The verbage also makes much more sense if you read through the comic all at once, rather than having it broken up to twice a week updates.
KatieKat 2nd Feb 8:15 AM, 2018
Ha! That's my girl!
Ariadne 2nd Feb 12:02 PM, 2018
Stitchlingbelle 2nd Feb 12:27 PM, 2018
Well played, Beauty!
Guest 2nd Feb 1:53 PM, 2018
Oh snap.

I'm ready. I'm ready for magic moment.

Say the right words!
a Drop of Beauty 2nd Feb 3:02 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
Hail hydra.
Narnia4Aslan 2nd Feb 9:26 PM, 2018
Hahahaha! I literally laughed out loud when I read "a Drop of Beauty"'s comment. Good one! That might actually work on the maze. You never know!
a Drop of Beauty 4th Feb 12:22 AM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
flatbear 2nd Feb 5:10 PM, 2018
She looks so beautiful in the third panel!
Silvre 2nd Feb 8:00 PM, 2018
*Screams in triumph* YAY! Go Beauty!
Kukki 2nd Feb 9:10 PM, 2018
For someone on the brink of death and literally bleeding out of the hole in his chest, Beast is rather active on this page. ?

And I'm so glad Beauty is so smart!
Pylgrim 4th Feb 10:54 AM, 2018
Wow, I thought she was going to shake him and go "Now you listen to me, you furry fool...", but this is so much better, it's almost Machiavellian!
ErictheTolle 4th Feb 5:03 PM, 2018
And the Castle is all, "Check. Mate in two moves."
LaLechuga 4th Feb 9:33 PM, 2018
I always love *shocked* beast's faces! Like, the first time Beauty said, "Argus" ... And this moment. He is always so flabbergasted! So taken by surprise! Poor baby, doesn't ever see it coming.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 7:39 PM, 2018
You know, this response of Beauty's is very mature. She's willing to leave him if that's what he really wants. She's giving him the space to make his own choices here. But she also knows him well enough that she can see that he doesn't actually want to be left alone. So she confronts him on that in a gentle way, and since he can't lie, he's going to have to admit that he loves her and wants her to stay. Clever, Beauty!
eekee 27th Mar 3:17 AM, 2019
That woke him up! You do the best surprised faces, Ms Megan, especially on Beast.