Act Three, Chapter Four: 21

8th Feb 11:05 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 21
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Feb 11:05 PM, 2018
Before I get any complaints about glacial webcomic update schedules, remember you can alllllways write to your favourite GN publisher and ask them to pick up my works so you can read them all in one big chunk with no waiting ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


MK_Wizard 8th Feb 11:19 PM, 2018
Megan, page 20 and 21 are showing the same comic.
MsMegan 8th Feb 11:56 PM, 2018
MK_Wizard 9th Feb 6:53 AM, 2018
LaLechuga 9th Feb 12:06 AM, 2018
My reaction to this page... cannot be done justice in this little comment box.


*dances around the room!!!*
Mar-ee 9th Feb 12:06 AM, 2018
Ohhhh is she gonna :o.....?
Ariadne 9th Feb 12:12 AM, 2018
Go on and... kiss the Beast!
Sha la la la la la
Don't stop now
Don't try to hide it
How you wanna kiss the Beast!
Miss Elcia 9th Feb 9:12 PM, 2018
ch1ck4do0dl3 9th Feb 12:21 AM, 2018
You know what I said about it being the castle's/maze's move a couple pages ago?

I take it back. Let Beauty do her thing. A thing that will hopefully at least start setting her beloved's crazy life to rights.
Vain.3805 9th Feb 12:48 AM, 2018
Face smooshing needs to happen. Beast's face in the last panel looks very smooshable. Those fully jowls need smooshing. Smoooosh... I think I've been around babies too much lately.
Reading Wolf 9th Feb 1:30 AM, 2018
Pretty sure i speak for everyone when i say
"Is it Tuesday yet?"
On a more serious note, i love this comic. This and Disney's Animated Beauty and the Beast are my favorite two versions of this tale.
Alexandra 9th Feb 2:28 AM, 2018
Please let's, not the roses stop her!
Kiss him!!!
Guest 9th Feb 5:25 AM, 2018
I can't tell if the roses are blooming or if they are going to try to stop her.

Either way I am living for this moment.
kenlon 12th Feb 5:17 AM, 2018
Oh, they're blooming. I'll bet you dollars to donuts.
ArtsieSteph 9th Feb 8:48 AM, 2018
Holy heck she gon kiss him, please something don’t mess up this perfect moment
a Drop of Beauty 9th Feb 11:58 AM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
*Shalalalala's intensifiy in the background*
AshErika 9th Feb 12:02 PM, 2018
*SQUEE!!* please, please, please, PLEASE let this happen! it will be my favorite moment in recent fiction! seriously, not kidding here.

btw, love Beauty's expression in that second panel. it's so sweet and tender
Meaghan 9th Feb 4:16 PM, 2018
Even the roses look like lips going 'mwah mwah'
Narnia4Aslan 9th Feb 8:11 PM, 2018
Or are the roses beginning to drool?! In anticipation.... to EAT our main characters! Oh no! The roses are carnivorous!

[What?! Don't blame me for "reading into the lines" ;). That rose on the right looks like it has it's tongue sticking out like a dog ready to chow down.]
Narnia4Aslan 9th Feb 8:17 PM, 2018
Eeeee!!! So excited to see what's going to happen! And beautiful page as always! (Even if the roses look hungry! ;)

Will you be printing the entire story in book form? Please say yes! Have you thought of doing a kickstarter? I don't know what the options are but I would totally support a crowd-funded campaign to make the book(s) a reality.
MsMegan 9th Feb 11:13 PM, 2018
There will definitely be a print edition in some form!

Books one and two are available in print currently, and I intend to offer book three in the same format so folks who bought the first two can complete the set. I haven't run a kickstarter because I am very disorganized and the idea of letting anyone down intimidates me, but I do usually take preorders to help finance the print run in a more casual way. After that, I'm looking at some options. A couple of small Canadian publishers have expressed interest in picking up the series for an omnibus, but I want to finish the web serialization before I make a decision like that!
Cartoon Sara 9th Feb 8:57 PM, 2018
Okay, time to start placing your bets. Light peck? Passionate smooch? Full on the lips? Cheek? Nose? Do the roses bloom in happiness or disapprove of the PDA?
Sophi(e)a 9th Feb 9:57 PM, 2018
My instincts are going for a forehead or nose kiss, or maybe just a big hug. (Although, being an aromantic asexual who isn't big on physical intimacy may be swaying those instincts some.)
Brunny 10th Feb 6:01 AM, 2018
euh... that's bestialism... i'm fine with it in this place and so because they're who they are and that, I don't want to spoil anyone's happiness but... i sort of feel uncomfortable about the idea of kissing and animal in a romantic way (not like my neighbours kiss their chihuahuas, i mean)
ArtsieSteph 10th Feb 11:31 AM, 2018
Oh I figured she’d like kiss him on the forehead or the snoot, not like right on his mouth.
Tursiops 11th Feb 1:45 PM, 2018
Nose beeps
ArtsieSteph 10th Feb 11:29 AM, 2018
Kukki 10th Feb 2:00 PM, 2018
I can see why the others think a kiss is coming, but I'm expecting her to quietly make a confession. <3
ch1ck4do0dl3 10th Feb 6:51 PM, 2018
I'm honestly not sure what I'm expecting. Not a full-on makeout session, for sure, but is she going to say it? Is she going to kiss his forehead? His nose? Just hold him lovingly close? Some combination thereof?

And of course, there's the ever-present worry that something is going to stop any of that from happening. Unless that's him regaining his human form, I certainly don't want that.
Sophi(e)a 12th Feb 1:15 PM, 2018
Agreed! I'm expecting a confession much more than I'm expecting a kiss. (Or maybe a hug, but a kiss is definitely not where my mind went first.)
ErictheTolle 11th Feb 1:36 AM, 2018
Next comic:
*fft* *fft*
"It's Ok. It's just-" *fft* "-fur."
Silvre 11th Feb 10:08 AM, 2018
Omg!! Kiss the Beast! ?❤️
Maria 11th Feb 5:27 PM, 2018
I'm not concerned about the roses as a threat. Because although commenters first noticed them blooming with Beast's non-confession, we actually first see the buds with Beauty's non-confession on page 17. So I think they're just opening further here because of ~love~. Not a menacing rustle! Also, if you look closely at the first panel, you can see little motion lines around the flowers but not around the vines or leaves. Those lines weren't in the previous rosebud panels.

And the thorny vines are supposed to kind of be a representation of the Beast's heart, right? So there's potential symbolism about his heart opening up to love, etc.

I do suspect that the Beast will need to somehow regain a heart in order to become human again, because losing that is what led to him becoming a Beast to begin with. How he gets that back, I'm not sure. Could have something to do with what we're seeing here, but this story is tricky enough that I think it'll take more than a mere confession of love or a kiss for him to regain a heart and/or become human.

And even when he does turn human, would that release him from his contract to the castle? There are a lot of questions yet to be answered.
Reading Wolf 12th Feb 5:03 AM, 2018
You just gave me a thought... he told us what he believes to be true, so he's not lying...
but what if... what if that knot of thorns and vines where his heart should be is symbolic? He still has his heart, but he believes he doesn't because he's no longer human?
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 7:45 PM, 2018
They're going to kiss! Finally, after hundreds of pages, Beauty is going to kiss the Beast! I wish I wasn't worried about the roses reacting in the background, but this comic has taught me to be wary of moving foliage.