Act Three, Chapter Four: 24

19th Feb 8:09 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 24
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 19th Feb 8:09 PM, 2018
These kids


The Accidental Ninja 19th Feb 8:23 PM, 2018
The Accidental Ninja
Hello! Maybe my browser is being silly, but it seems to be the same page as last time?
Fellow fan 19th Feb 10:04 PM, 2018
Hello, I believe I see latest page. Did you tried refreshing with Ctrl + F5? It helped me once, when they updated cache or something.
The Accidental Ninja 20th Feb 8:30 AM, 2018
The Accidental Ninja
It seems to be fixed now. Still not sure if it was the page or just my browser being silly :/
Sailor Phantom 19th Feb 10:33 PM, 2018
I am try8ing so hard to to squee loudly and frighten my husband and everyone else in the house from Beauty's adorable face at the end Beast's befuddled one. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
LaLechuga 19th Feb 11:05 PM, 2018
I had literal CHILLS looking from panel 1 to panel 2... This comic man. Always a sucker punch to the gut. In a good way. Most of the... time.

I am quite content with this page, and will probably return here many times before Friday's update.

This is truly what I needed today. Thank you, Ms Megan <3
Mar-ee 19th Feb 11:44 PM, 2018
Dawww they're both too precious XD
ch1ck4do0dl3 20th Feb 12:59 AM, 2018
Lord have mercy, this is just too adorable!
Guest 20th Feb 6:16 AM, 2018
The look on his face. It reminds me of those errors that say "not found". I think she broke him but in a good way.
Hallan 20th Feb 8:03 AM, 2018
Heh. He looks like all his circuit breakers just tripped.
KatieKat 20th Feb 8:22 AM, 2018
"Argus has stopped working. Please allow five minutes for reset."
Narnia4Aslan 20th Feb 8:07 AM, 2018
Blushing! Blushing! Such cute, adorable Blushing!
Guest 20th Feb 8:33 AM, 2018
[S C R E A M I N G]
Kirala 20th Feb 10:12 AM, 2018
Beast is me. Beauty is Megan's storytelling.
Silvre 20th Feb 10:25 AM, 2018
Awww my heart! This is the most adorable, sweet page! ?
Stitchlingbelle 20th Feb 10:38 AM, 2018
omg i am dying
Michael 20th Feb 1:12 PM, 2018
That went fully into the kisser -> gobsmacked
MK_Wizard 20th Feb 3:17 PM, 2018
Talk about the moment we've all been waiting for, but how will it end?!
AshErika 20th Feb 7:39 PM, 2018
sheer perfection ???? words are completely inefficient...

I will now grin for the rest of day ???? my face will hurt, but I don't care lol
Swooping is Bad 22nd Feb 11:33 AM, 2018
Is there a way I can just preorder the 3rd book now? I need this in my bloodstream as soon as possible. o.O
Rosie 21st Sep 7:55 PM, 2018
Boy is SHOOK
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 7:57 PM, 2018
I love how bashful Beauty looks (she is so cute, honestly) and have mixed feelings about how shocked the Beast looks. On the one hand, that shocked expression from the Beast could be funny, but given the doom and gloom in his lines just a few pages ago, I'm worried something else is feeding into his reaction.