Act Three, Chapter Four: 25

22nd Feb 10:37 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 25
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 22nd Feb 10:37 PM, 2018
I like that none of you trust me anymore.

...It shows you're learning.


Fluffy 22nd Feb 10:43 PM, 2018
Beauty: You know you could have maybe told me not to kiss you?

Beast: I live for the drama.
Ashley 22nd Feb 10:46 PM, 2018
Not gonna' lie, I have been eagerly anticipating more magical hijinks. Muahahahaha! >D
LaLechuga 22nd Feb 10:56 PM, 2018
C'mon beast.

pfft. you don't always have to be the pragmatist. arbitrator. buzz kill.
Mar-ee 22nd Feb 11:36 PM, 2018
I would worry but... I'm kinda not 8B. You two will be alright
ch1ck4do0dl3 23rd Feb 12:08 AM, 2018
Oh dear. There's that shoe dropping.

Although I'm kinda hoping that this is going to be less intense than the Beast thinks it will be, or that it will at least have a more positive outcome. I mean, how many other women have had the fortitude to do what Beauty has done?
Guest 23rd Feb 4:06 AM, 2018
Welp, I expected that
Guest 23rd Feb 6:10 AM, 2018
Final Boss Battle?

Do they have to face the fountain? His mom? Her mom? The magic?

I'm excited and scared. They can handle it. They love each other. Love conquers all.
Alyson 23rd Feb 7:30 AM, 2018
I am so naive. I was like so into the happy ending that i was left mouth open by this twist. But i like it ... mostly because i got to read more of this story :D I don't want it to stop !
KatieKat 23rd Feb 7:39 AM, 2018
Oh no - oh no oh no oh no...
Danika 23rd Feb 9:01 AM, 2018
Honestly I was feeling like maybe there should be something else coming. I was going to be all content with the ending but this is exciting! (And scary!)
Arvedui 23rd Feb 11:23 AM, 2018
I had this sudden horrible image of this all going The Singing Springing Lark on us and Beauty having to travel the world for the rest of forever while Ms. Megan wrenches our emotions for the rest of forever too...Not that I'd complain to much about more BATB of course ;)
Guest 23rd Feb 1:38 PM, 2018
And here we go...
a Drop of Beauty 23rd Feb 2:09 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
0____0.....*slow turn to look at Ms. Megan* *stares* *squints* *starts slowly chewing on popcorn that inexplicably just showed up in my hands* *crunch*
Kukki 23rd Feb 2:26 PM, 2018
You didn't exactly try to stop her, Beast. You can't just blame her—a kiss is a team effort, not a single person activity. (¬_¬)
Miss Elcia 23rd Feb 2:32 PM, 2018
Well the good news is that I don't think there's a nasty vengeful rival hiding in plain sight (in this version) but.... The bad news is I've no clue what the fountains end game is.
Either way, these two have got this, they just have to work together.
Steady Reader 23rd Feb 3:35 PM, 2018
What no girl wants to hear after a kiss xD

(but dang, that was one powerful kiss!)
Stitchlingbelle 23rd Feb 3:55 PM, 2018
*chews fingernails in terror*
NotaFireDemon 23rd Feb 4:11 PM, 2018
Love you, Megan! Can't wait to see where this goes!
Sailor Phantom 23rd Feb 6:15 PM, 2018
UUUHHHHG, I KNEW the other shoe was going to drop, and still. UHG.

I LOVE this though!! I have no real good idea what will happen next which is AMAZING and so exciting.
Well, I have SOME ideas but nothing is obvious here!!!
AshErika 24th Feb 3:07 AM, 2018
love and hate this at the same time... so complicated. boo, buzzkill. yay, more story. boo, more trauma (likely) ahead to tear our hearts to microscopic bits. yay, (even more likely) epicness in store
Cannedgoat 24th Feb 5:52 AM, 2018
Yyyeeaaahhh I fully expected this when the kiss lingered. You don't dwell on something for that long with that much spacing the way it was without something about to go tipsy turvy.
(Not to mention a few plot points that haven't been touched upon- but from a technical standpoint gosh yes I expected the pain. BRING IT.)
Brunny 25th Feb 5:52 AM, 2018
well, you do dwell on something for that long if it's the happy ending coming (all disney kiss scenes work like that). in fact, if you don't want it to be the happy ending but a plot twist, you dwell on it much but not so long, so... nice trick megan!
CaseytheDrake 26th Feb 8:47 PM, 2018
You have angered the fountain! You must face the fountain alone!

Well? It's not like there's a gazebo around.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 8:01 PM, 2018
"What have you done?" And there's the other shoe dropping. Damn! He looks so sad and Beauty is completely caught off guard by it (you knew it wasn't going to be easy, girl). The fountain reacting like that is definitely not where the original tale goes, so I'm interested in seeing what happens next!