Act Three, Chapter Four: 26

26th Feb 9:29 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 26
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 26th Feb 9:29 PM, 2018
This is probably fine


Sabreur 26th Feb 10:37 PM, 2018
Too bad April Fools is still a ways off. I'm imagining the fountain turning into a transforming mecha or a JRPG final boss.
Pat R 26th Feb 10:39 PM, 2018
Uh oh... cranky fountain feels threatened...
Sophi(e)a 26th Feb 11:04 PM, 2018
Maybe? the water? will be? helpful?

*crosses fingers* I'm hoping for the best but expecting preparing for the worst.
Mar-ee 26th Feb 11:33 PM, 2018
Still not worried 8B. If I were more net savy, I'd put that dog that goes "this is fine"
metaceryn 27th Feb 4:03 AM, 2018
ArtsieSteph 27th Feb 12:27 AM, 2018
Ok I know we’re about to face the final boss but beast expression in this looks like the cutest anime cat
ch1ck4do0dl3 27th Feb 12:44 AM, 2018
Trying to figure out whether the fountain is blasting water at them or something else, mostly because it amuses me to think that it would act like a spray bottle that you'd use on a naughty animal.

Aside from that, I'm not sure what to think. I'm in the "hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and expect the unexpected" mode. I don't trust in my hope that this is going to turn out anticlimactic, and I don't trust my fear that it's going to be a scary boss battle. The only thing I trust is that we will get scheduled updates that will cause yet more excitement, speculation, and frustration.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. :D
metaceryn 27th Feb 4:01 AM, 2018
Or: two teenagers getting the garden hose during an after-curfew makeout sesh in the driveway (which really is kind of the same thing as the spray bottle tbh)
ch1ck4do0dl3 27th Feb 10:10 AM, 2018
More appropriate to the situation, though, I'll admit.
Miss Elcia 27th Feb 1:35 AM, 2018
Maybe the water is for the bit where the beast turns human again? Maybe it's a good thing? *Not at all convinced of that actually*

Quick someone who's got more knowledge of swan maiden tales tell me why was momma constantly leading Beauty to the water? What's that mean? Besides semi aquatic bird instincts...
Laurocerasus 27th Feb 2:17 AM, 2018
Re: Swan Mom leading Beauty to Water
If I understood the story, Swan Mom gave the life remaining to her to Beauty when Beauty was sick. The caveat was that Swan Mom did not know exactly how long that was, so I'm worried that, anytime she leads Beauty to the water, it's saying "come on, our time as people is ending soon."
metaceryn 27th Feb 4:05 AM, 2018
Uh, y’all, the fountain is breaking apart in panel 1 this is probably not a good thing?
ch1ck4do0dl3 27th Feb 9:58 AM, 2018
I think we're all in hysterical panic mode, and that's why we're cracking jokes. I mean, my knee-jerk response to your comment was, "Well, it's certainly not good for the fountain..."

But seriously, I'm definitely well into the "panic and freak out" stage of not know what will happen but knowing it's not over yet.
Guest 27th Feb 5:15 AM, 2018
I have no idea where the story is going now and I love it! To think it would turn out like all B&tB retellings! This has def. become my fave retelling.
CinnaMonroe 27th Feb 5:28 AM, 2018
I know we've all been waiting for this moment for YEARS but.... that fountain was so taken back by that kiss IT SPAT OUT WATER.
NanamiG 27th Feb 1:16 PM, 2018
Side note on the kiss: do we just assume kissing someone with fur is like kissing a guy with a really, really thick beard?
AshErika 27th Feb 3:12 PM, 2018
um... yikes?
Kawaii overload!!! 27th Feb 7:08 PM, 2018
Perhaps Beauty's kiss was something that the fountain was hoping she wouldn't do, like it was what broke the fountain's control over Argus. Maybe by spraying the water, is trying to keep its hold on him, something to the tune of "as long as you're still touching me, you're mine"? If that's the case, then Beauty and Argus need to start Indiana Jonesing outta there right now!
Narnia4Aslan 27th Feb 10:46 PM, 2018
Aaahhh! I'm with ch1ck4do0dl3 on this one. I'm all on edge... is this new development good? bad? neither? It IS dramatic! (Have we established that the castle is Emo? - because I think it is.)

I am slightly worried about Beauty deciding to kiss the Beast. I mean, she's obviously being brave and facing both her feelings and the Beast's feelings head-on, but I remember certain risque depictions of maidens and their animal "husbands" in a certain hallway Beauty and Beast walked through (no I don't have the link, but its there in the past somewhere). Does that mean this was the castle's plan all along? Is this what the Beast is afraid of? What is the castle's plan?

On another note, I do hope, Ms Megan, that as much as we've grown not to trust your hints at happy circumstances and constantly dread the proverbial "shoe drop", I hope that we CAN trust in an ultimately happy ending?! Please!

Send our two favorites through hell and high water, abuse them, separate them if you must but ultimately bring a Happy Ending! I don't know if this waking fountain means that Beauty and Argus will be separated for a time, however I'm recalling similar story rhythms in various tales. The lass from "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" was separated from her lover once she recognized him and had to go on an impossible quest to find him again. So did the maid from the "Black Bull of Norway". Psyche is a third example of a maid who marries a monster (Cupid), recognizes him, is separated from him and must accomplish the impossible to be reunited. In our story we have Beauty calling Argus by name and kissing him full in the lips (snout? muzzle?) so maybe the fountain really is displeased and will separate them? Or not. I'm just speculating and rambling now. (and my tired brain thinks maybe I've made this correlation before? forgive me if I have... and if I did it was a long while ago)

Also, C.S. Lewis' retelling of Cupid and Psyche, "Til We Have Faces" is one of the most beautiful (and emotionally difficult) stories I've ever read! It is by far my most favorite book by C.S.Lewis. :) I highly recommend it!
The Doodler 1st Mar 1:57 PM, 2018
The Doodler
*thin screaming*
Ronin 1st Mar 7:21 PM, 2018
Gotta admit that I kinda don’t want the beast to change back into a human. I want them to stay as they are and be happy in a magic castle that may or may not want you dead.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 8:05 PM, 2018
Ummm, the fountain is cracking and breaking from the pressure of the water flowing through it. Either that means that the magic around this place is about to go poof, or it's a very bad sign. I'm thinking it's bad, given the Beast's reaction on the last page!