Act Three, Chapter Four: 27

1st Mar 11:09 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 27
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Mar 11:09 PM, 2018
splash page~~~


a Drop of Beauty 1st Mar 11:30 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
Ooooh, you dun broke sump'in, gurl!!!
ch1ck4do0dl3 1st Mar 11:32 PM, 2018
Angry magic-and-quite-possibly-sentient fountain is angry.
Mar-ee 1st Mar 11:36 PM, 2018
Dunno what's gonna happen.... kudos how you did this page.
metaceryn 2nd Mar 1:03 AM, 2018
Looks like...
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■
...someone’s water just broke.
a Drop of Beauty 4th Mar 6:07 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
Reading Wolf 2nd Mar 2:21 AM, 2018
Um... anyone else worried they're above an abyss of some kind? Cause... well why would some of that ground look... empty if there something beneath it?
Miss Elcia 2nd Mar 4:05 AM, 2018
Not just you.
I'd be very surprised if they didn't tumble into the abyss next.
AshErika 2nd Mar 5:01 AM, 2018
I thought the same... it has this "imploding" feel to it ? those dark, empty-looking spots are particularly worrying
Alexandra 2nd Mar 4:10 AM, 2018
Why do I feel like the spirit of his mother will also appear? Like the sentient palace grounds taking the form of what Argus fears the most?
Meaghan 2nd Mar 8:01 AM, 2018
And then the helicopter drops down to rescue them from the Hell Mouth
Sybilla J 2nd Mar 8:03 AM, 2018
splash page...heh...I see what you did there. And this is gorgeous. But I’m worried
Guest 2nd Mar 9:38 AM, 2018
The cost to modify their pacts and what were they modified to? These are the questions I have and they terrify me.

This isn't a batb where beast's curse was a challenge or wager. You can't win if there's no game. Argus went to unknown lengths to make some sort of escape clause for Beauty, and she's gone and fulfilled terms that Argus both hoped she would but also hoped she would not.

You have us dangled over quite the precipice and I am very frightened as fairy stories either end happily ever after or very much not.
Silvre 2nd Mar 9:21 PM, 2018

Guest 3rd Mar 2:59 PM, 2018
Beautifully done!
Guest 3rd Mar 5:43 PM, 2018
But I'll be there for you ... as the world falls down.
Michael 4th Mar 8:29 AM, 2018
That old source of magic, the well, seems to fall apart. Is it, or somebody, moved so much? Or is it something else?
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 8:09 PM, 2018
WELL THAT CAN'T BE GOOD! Unless it's the equivalent to the castle crumbling and falling at the end of Utena, but given that these two seem to be above some sort of chasm, I wouldn't count on it. They're not going to have enough time to get up and run, either, given how they're positioned and the Beast's wounds (though the thought of her riding on his back to safety does amuse me). Hold on, kids!