Act Three, Chapter Four: 30

13th Mar 1:01 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 30
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 13th Mar 1:01 AM, 2018


Mar-ee 13th Mar 1:15 AM, 2018
Ohhh boyyyyyy :o. They're goin' down. But hopefully they'll land on something soft.
Michael 14th Mar 6:51 PM, 2018
Looks like Beauty at least will land soft.
SpiralofDragon 13th Mar 1:24 AM, 2018
I'm just praying this is all in the veins of 'she kissed him and it broke the castle's magic and now its all dissipating.' This is my theory until proven wrong :|
Sybilla J 13th Mar 9:27 AM, 2018
my thoughts, too. Not good....
ch1ck4do0dl3 13th Mar 1:25 AM, 2018
I've played "the floor is lava" before, but "the floor doesn't exist and/or is a magical void" is a new one for me.
The Entity 14th Apr 8:22 PM, 2018
Actually, 'the floor doesn't exist and/or is a magical void is no stranger in my home ;-) I's best version of such games :-) whenever I play it next, I'll immediately think of Beaty and Argus, though. Hmm...
My childish side comes out.
Tursiops 13th Mar 1:31 AM, 2018
What does a stone sound like falling into water from a great height?

Wolfreader 13th Mar 1:44 AM, 2018
Well miss Megan i do believe you've not only added a page to your comic, but also created an accurate representation of what your fans are going through whenever you do a plot twist like this.
(also i love this but still accurate)
AshErika 13th Mar 3:39 AM, 2018
AshErika 13th Mar 3:43 AM, 2018
Im... not sure I like this. I saw it coming, but it still worries me. there are so, so many ways this could go, and not many of those paths are happy ones, especially in a non-Disney fairytale setting
Guest 13th Mar 6:13 AM, 2018
Sugar, we're going down.
Greymuse 13th Mar 8:02 AM, 2018
I'll take the bait and leave a mom joke:

Falling in love is rarely peaceful.
Hallan 13th Mar 9:00 AM, 2018
Aaaaagh! Another "slo-mo" full-page shot! Megan, why must you torture us so? (pries at the edge of the webpage in hopes of seeing what happens next!)
RavenBaraq 13th Mar 11:01 AM, 2018
Welp! Whatever they face now, they face together!
The Doodler 13th Mar 1:12 PM, 2018
The Doodler
(brb, screaming and cowering)
a Drop of Beauty 13th Mar 3:23 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
RIP to Beast's spine upon impact...unless it's water...or magic clouds they can land on...maybe a pile of swan feathers.
Paula Richey 13th Mar 8:15 PM, 2018
Oh look at that, Persephone and Hades want to congratulate the happy couple.
Lithaenia4 13th Mar 10:18 PM, 2018
Oh look...they're totally falling for each other >>
metaceryn 14th Mar 9:23 AM, 2018
the selkie wife 14th Mar 1:33 PM, 2018
*upvotes even though the site doesn't have an upvote or like function*
ArtsieSteph 15th Mar 3:48 PM, 2018
Am I the only in who see the rubble looking like hands loosing its grip on them?
AshErika 17th Mar 5:45 AM, 2018
that's... creepy. I didn't notice that until your comment. than a for that XD
AshErika 17th Mar 5:46 AM, 2018
thanks for that*
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 8:17 PM, 2018
Aaaaaand they're falling into pitch blackness. I would start screaming if I were them! I hope none of those rocks fall on them, though I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up in a completely different place, given how space warps in and around this castle.