Act Three, Chapter Four: 31

15th Mar 10:28 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 31
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 15th Mar 10:28 PM, 2018
wuh oh


Kukki 15th Mar 11:01 PM, 2018
She’s sprouting feathers!!!
The Doodler 15th Mar 11:09 PM, 2018
The Doodler
Runs in the family?
MK_Wizard 15th Mar 11:10 PM, 2018
Oh my. Are we about to see the swan take flight at last?
Wolfreader 15th Mar 11:13 PM, 2018
*does calculating*
that's her shoulders... DOUBLE GASP. Either she has her own swan cape, OR WE FOUND WHERE HER MOTHER PUT HERS!!
Mar-ee 15th Mar 11:44 PM, 2018
Ohhhh do we spot wings:o?
ch1ck4do0dl3 15th Mar 11:56 PM, 2018
When the author's note is "wuh oh", that's not exactly reassuring...

Like, can't Beauty just magically take flight and be able to bear the Beast's weight? That'd be really nice.
metaceryn 16th Mar 12:08 AM, 2018
And lo, the Magical Girl Transformation Scene as was foretold.
Vain.3805 16th Mar 1:06 PM, 2018
Kukki 23rd Mar 12:14 AM, 2018
Nice catch!
the selkie wife 16th Mar 3:28 AM, 2018
i am confusion

(excited confusion, but confusion nonetheless)
Silvre 16th Mar 6:49 PM, 2018
Miss Elcia 16th Mar 8:18 PM, 2018
Huh! Well that's not the transformation we've been waiting for!

The plot thickens!
WritingManiac 17th Mar 12:27 AM, 2018
So, instead of Beast turning back into a Prince, Beauty turns into her other form? A form she didn't know she had? That's a cool twist.
AshErika 17th Mar 5:49 AM, 2018
*stares* I've... got nothing. wow
Sybilla J 18th Mar 9:21 PM, 2018
!!! Am I sensing a Shrek ending? Because wow i am perfectly okay with this.
I just love how perfect this is. Falling isn’t a problem when you apparently can sprout wings!
Lostariel 18th Mar 10:28 PM, 2018
All along, the secret to unlocking her superpowers was Getting Eaten By A Castle. I wouldn't have thought of it either.
Tursiops 18th Mar 10:57 PM, 2018
So Beauty turns into a feathered thing
And again Beast and Beauty suffer a separation?
[Aprehention mode activated]
Alexandra 19th Mar 4:23 AM, 2018
If I remember correctly there was a side effect on the contract the Mother had made for Beauty. Something about how many years she'd be allive. Maybe every contract the Beast had gathered in order to remake a new one have backfired now?
Sybilla J 19th Mar 10:09 AM, 2018
wait was it how many years she'd be alive, or alive as a HUMAN? sorry to hijack your comment I am just thinking about this a lot and having epiphanies, don't mind me.
Alexandra 20th Mar 3:26 AM, 2018
That's my question too! But seeing the new page, I understand that maybe Beauty has both her mother's magic and the chance to be human? I am not sure!
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 8:21 PM, 2018
FEATHERS! BEAUTY IS SPROUTING FEATHERS! Is she turning into a swan? Is her mother's contract for her backfiring in some way? Looks like these two might be losing hold of one another, too. She can't keep holding onto him if her arms turn into wings!