Act Three, Chapter Four: 32

19th Mar 10:32 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 32
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 19th Mar 10:32 PM, 2018
I promise we'll resume speed shortly. Just think how impactful all these full page spreads will be in priiiiiint~


Guest 19th Mar 11:14 PM, 2018
Love this page!!!!!!!
Mar-ee 19th Mar 11:46 PM, 2018
I almost expect some type of music to go with this scene. Not sure what... but something instrumental? Like when you watch Sleeping Beauty and all the fairies turned Maleficent's attacks into something harmless. Something like that but maybe a little loud? I dunno I'm not musically gifted
Sailor Phantom 21st Mar 1:39 AM, 2018
I found the music to go along with it. Stare at the previous page for 23 seconds then switch to the next page for full effect.
metaceryn 20th Mar 12:01 AM, 2018
metaceryn 20th Mar 12:12 AM, 2018
It’s also very compelling, and still “reads” correctly, when rotated 90˚. I’d love to see this printed horizontally, either as a standalone print or across two facing pages in a graphic novel.


(Rotated 180˚, it looks like Beast is being abducted by aliens, which is funnier but less compelling.)
Rabbit 21st Mar 12:30 PM, 2018
See, that's just good comedy, right there
The Doodler 20th Mar 12:47 AM, 2018
The Doodler
MissEccentric 20th Mar 12:47 AM, 2018
Come two weeks and it will have been two years since I last read this comic and made my first comment. Now we're here at last, what feels to be the rising action, and our heroes finally share that kiss which now proves itself to be more troublesome than the time it took to happen!

Beauty still proves to be a big 'Ol furry, but its 2018 now, we're all furries looking for our big beastly creature to love us right. The Beast still is such a drama-queen, but I guess he must be a Leo since he also looks prominently like a lion in my own opinion, lmao ;)

And you Miss Megan! You had a beautiful son! I don't know the feeling first hand (Im only 21 & focusing on my own bachelor in arts), but my brother-like uncle has a son as well last February, and I love that child so much, see him pretty much every weekend to babysit, do the most cheesey photoshoot with him all dressed up! You're little beast is absolutely adorable! A chubby bubby who's cheeks deserve all the smooches!

But I think this comment is getting a tad too long now. I await the next chapter and will be putting money away so I can be the published books when I can! What will happen now? A showdown between our lovers and the wicked mother? A helpful hand from the loving mother? I hope for a meet up between Argus and Beauty's family too, that would be amusing!

I never understood the Ancient Magus Bride reference you did so long ago until last year too when Amazon rec'd it, my friend supported the rec, and I am now Chise/Elias trash; my blog RedSlayVega is filled with discussions about it! Ironically I got into it in April as well, the magical month (and a year later) I began reading your comic.
MsMegan 20th Mar 11:12 AM, 2018
Two years! Wow, welcome back!! Thanks for keeping us in mind, we're glad to have you back!

Yes, Beauty's apparent proclivities have become mainstream lately and I'm kiiiinda jazzed about it, not gonna lie.

My little guy is great! He is indeed extremely chubby. He has strep throat, which is less great, but sits at the window whispering "woof woof" whenever a dog goes by, which is outrageously great. Despite this, I highly encourage focusing on BAs and not babies at 21. Good call there.

Ancient Magus Bride is very good~ <3
Guest 20th Mar 5:22 AM, 2018
Well damn. :o
dani, the geek 20th Mar 8:16 AM, 2018
"i will not turn into a bird... it never helps!"
Guest 20th Mar 8:51 AM, 2018
I knew it!!
Sarah 20th Mar 9:49 AM, 2018
Beauty! To the rescue!
Pat R 20th Mar 11:56 AM, 2018
Cue amazing instrumental Disney piece.
Carol 20th Mar 11:48 PM, 2018

I’ve got this great FWOOMPH sound effect in my head as her wings unfurl against the wind. This is gorgeous, and the weightless motion of it is just - wow! There are no words. Amazing.
AshErika 21st Mar 4:34 AM, 2018
the shock on their faces, and no wonder...

I hoped something like this might happen, but to actually see it is incredible
NanamiG 21st Mar 10:21 AM, 2018
Are they wings or a feather-trimmed cape? I guess I would have expected wings to be covered in feathers, but maybe there's a purpose in this style?
Guest 21st Mar 12:55 PM, 2018
One word: WOW!
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 8:23 PM, 2018
Okay, so Beauty isn't sprouting feathers so much as her cape is. But given that her mom had a feather cloak that enabled her to shift between forms, it might amount to the same thing. Either way, it looks like these two are being pulled apart by the magic around them.