Act Three, Chapter Five: 01

30th Mar 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 01
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 30th Mar 12:00 AM, 2018
After six hundred-odd pages of drawing stylized roses, trying to draw realistic ones was a bit of a brain twister!


Mar-ee 30th Mar 12:03 AM, 2018
Only one flower (species) and a certain someone's name... is this getting to the end... I almost can't believe it :o
ch1ck4do0dl3 30th Mar 12:05 AM, 2018
On the one hand, roses are my favorite flower, so this is cool. On the other, they mean a lot of things and not knowing which meaning(s) to use makes me nervous.
ShinyHappyGoth 30th Mar 2:55 AM, 2018
It is even possible that, in this one case, they just mean roses.
The Young Entity 30th Mar 2:14 PM, 2018
Roses are my favorite flower too! It might be partly because 'Rose' is one of my two middle names ;-)
Many feelings came upon me when I saw those roses. Fear, relief, wonder, and this is beginning to sound like a very old-fashioned book, lol
I can't believe we're nearing the end of the comic book!
Kawaii overload!!! 30th Mar 1:57 AM, 2018
This is it.
After nearly 6 years, we reach what I presume is the penultimate or the true final chapter.
I am ready.
*puts on a football helmet* Bring it on,
Guest 30th Mar 7:09 AM, 2018
I haven't been following this as long as everyone else... but man. Six years. Bless you all and your patience.

Look at how pretty the journal entry is. That means he continued on with it and is using his name again. <3 Good things happen.

Greymuse 30th Mar 7:09 AM, 2018
The language of flowers is such an intricate code! It would be impossible to interpret this title page without knowing what color Argus imagined the roses were as he drew them. Easy answer would be "White" , which is innocence and purity.
Personally I'd lean towards lavender, which was for Enchantment and Love at First Sight.
the selkie wife 30th Mar 9:02 AM, 2018
i gasped when i saw the flowers.

i'm guessing this is the final chapter, then? (holding out hope for an epilogue, since we got a prologue -- but this is it.)

not to get prematurely sappy, but what you've done over the last six years, and what i've read along with over the past five, has been so incredible. this deserves ALL the awards, and ALL the book sales.

and don't worry. the roses are beautiful :)
the selkie wife 30th Mar 10:04 AM, 2018
Oh, almost forgot! In the interests of flower meanings -- are these roses any particular colour?

(I mean, they're probably red, but . . . ?)
bscruffy 30th Mar 9:28 AM, 2018
Lovely; Roses for the final chapter, but after this chapter?
My vote for the epilogue chapter is one of my personal favorites: Baby blue-eyes.
The Young Entity 30th Mar 2:09 PM, 2018
Such an exciting moment for everyone involved! I can't wait to see what's behind that chapter cover! (I obviously can wait, but you guys get my meaning) ;-)
I've been reading along for only a few weeks now; I caught up in a few days. Then I reread it, which was definitely worth it. Thanks so much for beautiful artwork and an amazing retelling of what might be my all-time favorite fairy tale! It brings back memories of watching the Disney version when I was little. There is something to say for the Disney version, but I must say, I like yours much better ;-)
FelinaofL2 31st Mar 10:03 AM, 2018
Roses, hm? Nice choice. ;) For those curious, here are the meanings:
Red- True love
Blue- Mystery, attaining the impossible, love at first sight (my personal favorite, and very fitting!)
White- Silence, innocence, virtue, purity, wistfulness, secrecy, humility, reverence
Dried White- Sorrow
Black- Death, hatred, farewell, rebirth, rejuvenation
Yellow- Friendship, undying love, intense emotion, jealousy, infidelity, extreme betrayal, a broken heart, apology
Pink- Grace
Light Pink- Youth, joy of life, desire, energy, passion
Dark Pink- Gratitude
Burgundy- Unconscious beauty
Coral/Orange- Desire, passion
Lavender- Enchantment, love at first sight
Red & White Together- United
Red & Yellow Together- Joy, excitement, happiness
Thornless- Love at first sight
RoseMrdj 31st Mar 1:37 PM, 2018
oooh there it is!! I am so pumped!!!
Ashley 1st Apr 3:44 AM, 2018
I guess you could say...everything's coming up roses.
TolkienOverTwilight 8th Apr 1:10 PM, 2018
I have been here from almost the beginning. I’m going to scroll back and check when i made my first comment. I have been absent for long periods of time, then remember this comic and come back and catch up. It is a remarkable achievement! Cannot wait for the conclusion!
Lostariel 16th Apr 7:46 PM, 2018
Rosie 21st Sep 8:00 PM, 2018
Roses are a problem and a half to draw, you have my sympathies.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 8:36 PM, 2018
Well, roses as the title of the chapter mean only one thing (well a lot of things, because there are at least a dozen meanings to roses, depending on the color, but even so): WE HAVE HIT THE FINAL CHAPTER! This is it! And I am both sad and excited, because I don't want this comic to end, but am looking forward to seeing how everything turns out for these two.

With that said, I'm going to take a short break from commenting, but I should be back soon! Gotta take care of my own little beasties first.
Aurora (the guest) 27th Dec 3:58 AM, 2020
Well ok be poetic then why don't you
Aurora (the guest) 27th Dec 3:58 AM, 2020
Well ok be poetic then why don't you