Act Three, Chapter Five: 02

3rd Apr 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 02
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Apr 12:00 AM, 2018
back to the stylized roses~


Jessie Blue 3rd Apr 12:04 AM, 2018
Jessie Blue
*incoherent squeeing continues*
Mar-ee 3rd Apr 12:09 AM, 2018
Also back to mysterious magic or her mother? Or the castle's magic I dunno either way its enigmatic :o
FelinaofL2 3rd Apr 11:39 AM, 2018
I wouldn't be surprised if there's going to be magic's version of a 50-car pileup, with how many contracts, enchantments and other magical craziness that have been popping up.
Scratch 3rd Apr 1:13 AM, 2018
The proportion of Beauty’s head looks a bit... off. Like it’s supposed to be because of the perspective, but it just looks surprisingly sloppy. I say surprising because the last two pages of last chapter were beautiful and had very dynamic perspective!
Vain.3805 3rd Apr 1:34 PM, 2018
Head angled and looking up. May intentionally be slightly altered to make her appear more childlike/innocent/vulnerable.

Let's see you do better XD
Scratch 3rd Apr 3:55 PM, 2018
Miss Megan has drawn Beauty as a child with great skill in the past. She has also drawn figures looking up with their heads angled well in the past. This page doesn’t do her talent service. Beauty looks off model, with the head oversized and poorly shaped, her face distorted. She doesn’t look like a child, she looks like a rough sketch before refinement. The art of this comic has been slightly wonky before, particularly in how off-model the eyes can sometimes be. This doesn’t mean that Miss Megan is a bad artist. It just means that she probably doesn’t have time to perfect all her pages before upload, and this page is probably the least skilled her illustration has been.

Also, “let’s see you do better” is not a valid argument. It is an ad hominem fallacy attacking me as a person rather than my argument.
Rachael 3rd Apr 6:45 PM, 2018
I think the point is: Why would you feel the need to point this out in the first place? Many artists have a hard time putting their work on display in the first place. And anyway, it's not like we can't tell very clearly what she is going for in the first place.
Her comic has been very easy to follow, almost cinematic in its angles and symbolism and moving from "shot" to "shot". That's more than a lot of webcomic artists can do, even if their artistry is pristine.
Alyssa 3rd Apr 10:10 PM, 2018
Scratch, I'm sorry people are being unaccepting of your viewpoint, especially when your posts were respectful and fair. I think your argument is valid; while I can see Vain's point that it might be intentional, it does seem like there's something slightly off-model. Anyway, just wanted to speak up and give you some support. :)
Scratch 4th Apr 12:03 AM, 2018
Thank you Alyssa! No worries, and I'm glad that you wanted to give support.
Vain.3805 5th Apr 12:36 AM, 2018
When a comment said in jest gets you accused of ad hominem attacks...

Well, that escalated quickly! *puffs bubble pipe furiously*

And if I was using an ad hominem fallacy then you're using a strawman argument (this sentence could be defined as a tu quoque).

When someone makes you a sandwich you don't complain that the crust isn't cut off. (appeal to emotion?) When someone builds you a sandcastle you don't complain that their last one was better. It may only be a flimsy societal tradition (bandwagon argument) but there's a few fancy words that are used to refer to people who /do/ those things against the societal norm (no true scotsman argument?).
"Let's see you do better." is a turn of phrase intended to provoke introspection and direct the target of the phrase to consider how their actions may be received by those around them. Taking it literally does no one any service since in all likelihood you aren't capable of doing a specific work of art better than the original since better is entirely subjective.

A piece of art is a piece of art and when done pro bono (and I'd say at a loss since time is money) constructive criticism isn't something the artist needs or wants in most cases. I supply this reference for the court of the internet.

I tried to fit as many logical fallacies in there as I could. Do let me know how I did. I wanna see if I succeed in causing a fallacy fallacy. (possibly fall under the category of loaded question)
*refills bubble pipe*
Das 5th Apr 1:37 AM, 2018
Easy does it guys, having arguments around some unasked for crit, regardless of your opinion, can be really disheartening to any artist, even ones with consistent stellar composition and draftsmanship. Be aware that your words are the most direct (and also probably the first) feedback this artist gets.
Ransom 3rd Apr 2:05 AM, 2018
Standing in a bed or roses? That can’t be comfortable.
Guest 3rd Apr 5:33 AM, 2018
*is nervous* Is there a boss battle approaching?
AshErika 3rd Apr 7:37 AM, 2018
um... ok? I admit, I have no clue where you're going with this, and that kinda freaks me out at this stage in the story
LadyLapis 3rd Apr 1:29 PM, 2018
@Scratch - Beauty has a different outfit, roses in her hair, her mother's (?) winged cloak (wings?) from the end of Ch. 4...the sizing looks like she's a child, even with the from-above viewpoint.
The Doodler 3rd Apr 11:13 PM, 2018
The Doodler
This reminds me of Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (the comic version, I mean) with the segue into a strange symbolic/real vision from a dangerous situation. Or something. It's too late at night to be eloquent.
Guest 4th Apr 4:41 PM, 2018
Oh My...
Are we about to see Mama?
Narnia4Aslan 4th Apr 10:10 PM, 2018
I know this only updates twice a week but I still come back every day to see if something has changed.
AshErika 5th Apr 6:53 AM, 2018
same! ?
The Young Entity 10th Apr 4:38 AM, 2018
Wow. I know this kind of takes away from the story and beautiful artwork, but I'm not particularly fond of the thought of Beauty stepping on roses. Not only would she be crushing beautiful flowers, but aren't there thorns in there somewhere too? And bare feet? Ouch! Ok, we can say that she's 'wading' through them. Like water. Not actually stepping on them. ;-)
AbigailBrooks 25th Dec 5:06 PM, 2018
Alright, that break lasted a little longer than I anticipated, but I am back to reviewing! So Beauty is now in a dark space surrounded by roses. She's also wearing a crown of them and has a nicer dress and a feather cloak on. I'm anticipating that it's time to talk to some spirits--maybe her mom? We're past the point where most BATB tales end, so we're in some purely original territory here!