Act Three, Chapter Five: 08

24th Apr 12:16 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 08
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 24th Apr 12:16 AM, 2018
Aw, nuts. It's Birdmom! We were looking for monster boyfriend!


Guest 24th Apr 12:39 AM, 2018
Mar-ee 24th Apr 12:41 AM, 2018
Ohhh more revelations and craziness in here. (love the top panel)
Sophi(e)a 24th Apr 12:41 AM, 2018
Well hello there, Birdmom. Can you help us with Beast? Make sure he's okay and all that? It's not that finding out you're actually not dead is a *bad* thing, it's just that, well, the timing could maybe better, when we're not so concerned about the wellbeing of this Beast that we love.
The Young Entity 24th Apr 12:49 AM, 2018
Whoa. There are no words.
Actually, there are. Bird-mom (so christened by Ms Megan) is acting less creepy and more like a mother this time, (seemingly) compassionate and sweet. I can't wait to hear her explanation on the next page!
Well done Ms Megan!
the selkie wife 24th Apr 2:57 AM, 2018

see, now i'm conflicted. i don't know whether or not to trust her, and while she seems more mum-like than before i don't trust her or Shadow Argus at all
Michael 24th Apr 6:54 AM, 2018
She traded herself for the life of Beauty. Actually we dont know yet what her price was. Maybe her humanity. But how much more can a mother give?
The problem is the setup with the beast. Maybe she is nearly as powerful as the castle aka the well or knows how to use it. She is a magical beeing after all.
Guest 24th Apr 5:05 AM, 2018
Maybe Bird Mom will explain things?
Guest 24th Apr 5:57 AM, 2018
Well, look at that. Why do I feel like either she's really Beauty's mom's spirit or just another trick of the castle?

Also, the page title's the same as the page before it. Just thought I'd let you know. There's two "Act Three, Chapter Five: 07"s in a row, but they're different pages.
Maria 24th Apr 8:41 PM, 2018
I'm liking the parallels between the last page and this one. Argus and Beauty both have to confront something that could be real or could be a trick of the castle. It's their past- in both cases. It's something that they need to confront in order to move on with their lives.

Plus, both of these people tie them to the castle and its magic (Young Argus' attempted suicide and the subsequent contract, Beauty's mother and her contract).

I'm wondering if Beauty's dreams took her to this same world- this magical realm. Because in her dreams, Argus was human and she had her wings.
The Young Entity 25th Apr 1:00 AM, 2018
Interesting thoughts!
The Doodler 25th Apr 2:59 PM, 2018
The Doodler
I'm suspicious. Is she real?
Narnia4Aslan 25th Apr 7:42 PM, 2018
I know, right? My first thoughts, too. Very suspicious, very strange. I think she is a "creation" of the castle. But we'll see.

This will be amazing to read in book format!
AshErika 30th Apr 7:25 AM, 2018
answering "in a way, you're right" in reference to Beauty thinking you're dead is... a bit creepy, Bird-mom, gotta say
AbigailBrooks 25th Dec 5:28 PM, 2018
Well that last panel is reassuring. We know that her mom's spirit has been lingering in this place for a while, and has been trying to help Beauty and the Beast in subtle ways. Given how--straightforward? Canny?--her dialogue is, maybe we're finally getting the real version of her here, rather than an illusion created by the castle. It sounds more like the person we met in flashbacks, anyway, rather than the one in Beauty's nightmares.