Act Three, Chapter Five: 09

26th Apr 11:15 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 09
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 26th Apr 11:15 PM, 2018
Running off in a random direction at least feels like accomplishing something!


MK_Wizard 26th Apr 11:25 PM, 2018
You and the lady make good points. I can kind of relate to Beauty because I've faced this kind of situation so I know exactly how much it kills a person inside to want to help, but can't.
Mar-ee 26th Apr 11:54 PM, 2018
I do get where Beauty's feelings are. She's right. Plus this is all crazy magic here, Beast needs to face his battle on his own
Michael 27th Apr 10:51 AM, 2018
Still nice when somebody rubs your back during that battle.
ch1ck4do0dl3 27th Apr 12:20 AM, 2018
Oof. One of the hardest lessons to learn... Been there, done that, got the stupid t-shirt, and I never want to be there again.
Laura M. Castro 27th Apr 12:33 AM, 2018
She called him "My Beast"..... I'm not crying............. YOU'RE crying...................
the selkie wife 27th Apr 3:40 AM, 2018
those guys are meant to be, honestly
metaceryn 27th Apr 12:41 AM, 2018
Beast: “rar I’m the menacing yet internally-tortured protagonist, fear me pleeeeeeeease”
Beauty: “ain’t no one stopping me from getting my man and my happy ending s2g I will chainsaw every hedge if I have to”
SwanMom: “lol these kids amirite”
metaceryn 27th Apr 12:42 AM, 2018
But more importantly:
My Beast is in trouble!”
8D 8D 8D
Anonymous Puffin 29th Apr 7:29 AM, 2018
I'd like to add another :)

Castle: "For God's sake, you two, pull yourselves together, get your lives back on track and kiss already! I can only throw so many subtle-and-totally-not-meant-to-mentally-scar-you hints at you!!"

(That being said, perhaps the castle *is* trying to help them, in its own magically twisted way? Accepting your problems and working yourself out is no walk in the hedge-puns intended.)
Anonymous Puffin 29th Apr 7:39 AM, 2018
Forgot to add: for some reason this reminds me a little of my arts teacher, who had weird ways of encouraging her pupils.
Me: (slapping paint on) no-no-no,...ugh... NO! (slaps more paint on) This is a disaster! And it looked ok a minute ago!
Teacher: Keep going. Sometimes you have to get through some **** and completely ruin things before you can make them more beautiful.
As she promised, the painting turned out ok, and to this day I'm still wondering if that woman was slightly nuts or a genius... :)
The Young Entity 29th Apr 10:25 AM, 2018
Cute story! Thank for sharing!
Sybilla J 27th Apr 8:39 AM, 2018
Save someone from THEMSELVES. So confirmed, Beast is up against himself, here. The only thing preventing him from being rescued... is him. Beauty really can't do anything, then. But hopefully... just hopefully, her confession of love earlier give the Beast courage to face himself. That man needed some love (he needs self-love, too, but it's hard to love yourself when you think you're unlovable. At least now he knows/is no longer in denial that Beauty loves him!)
Sybilla J 27th Apr 8:44 AM, 2018
continuing off of this, Ms Megan this is actually a perfect direction to take the climax of this well-told story. You're expanding upon the idea of "Beauty saves Beast" and then turning that on its head entirely. It's genius, it's realistic and it's a good real-life lesson- you can't be responsible for saving someone- it's a nice idea, but they have to want to save themselves. They have to make that choice. Ugh I love it.
Fluffy 27th Apr 8:34 PM, 2018
All of this!! I love this take so much!!
The Young Entity 29th Apr 10:24 AM, 2018
The Young Entity 28th Apr 6:33 PM, 2018
I love how she said 'my beast'! My heart just jumped. Maybe that's weird. Oh well.
I can't wait to hear more from Bird-mom!
AshErika 30th Apr 7:31 AM, 2018
sad but true. been there many times, and it sucks
AbigailBrooks 25th Dec 5:34 PM, 2018
I empathize with Beauty here, but her mom is right. You can't save someone from themselves, as romantic as that idea is. You can provide support to them, but they need to decide they're worth fighting for and learn how to love themselves--otherwise, they'll just backslide. An interesting point about time here, too--it might not be flowing at the same pace for our lovers right now.