Act Three, Chapter Five: 10

30th Apr 10:27 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 10
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 30th Apr 10:27 PM, 2018
Oh mom. Such a joker.


LaLechuga 30th Apr 11:21 PM, 2018
Beauty never was much for beating around the bush...

En garde, swan mom... your move.
metaceryn 30th Apr 11:23 PM, 2018
So that’s why, when Beast and Swanmom meet in the library, she’s collected and unperturbed by every challenge while he’s having a major mood swing every 3-5 panels: he’s still beholden to the human condition that she never had.
Mar-ee 1st May 12:04 AM, 2018
What was the first guess sweetie? Sorry to sound like the guy from Cinemasins just felt like something to say.
FelinaofL2 1st May 11:02 AM, 2018
Anonymous Puffin 1st May 4:39 AM, 2018
"That's what I first liked about <i>them</i>"?
You mean BirdMom isn't human?! *dramatic gasp* who would have guessed ;)

I'm intrigued by the "their lives flicker out so quickly", though. So Mom is a swan maiden with a much longer life span than a human. That seems to suggest her kind is of "the fair folk" or something similar...It would also explain the pragmatic use of contracts.
the selkie wife 1st May 12:54 PM, 2018
which (possibly) means that beauty won't have to worry about dying young, as per the contract made in the prologues? since bird mom doesn't have a human lifespan, the years left to beauty might work out being equal to how long a human should live anyway?
Vain.3805 1st May 2:21 PM, 2018
*Goes back to start reading again from panel 1*
The Young Entity 1st May 4:43 PM, 2018
I'm wondering, though... If Bird/Swan-mom is a fairy or selkie or something, then possibly she had a few thousand years left to her lifespan.
Just thoughts.
Manga 1st May 6:01 AM, 2018
"Forgive me if I'm too pragmatic. I've forgotten how capable of grand emotions humans are."

Says the woman who contracted her life away to save her daughter.
The Doodler 1st May 9:21 AM, 2018
The Doodler
Ok, now I think she might be real. What threw me off was the fact that she wasn't acting quite human, but she's NOT quite human. *facepalm*

I love how she's an inverse Argus -- can change forms freely, has a human shape but not a human mind.
The Young Entity 1st May 1:23 PM, 2018
Yes, exactly (to the last). Good thoughts!
FelinaofL2 1st May 11:00 AM, 2018
Beauty starts to put the puzzle together.

I wonder if SwanMom could tell that Beauty had inherited, for lack of a better phrase, "more magic in her blood" than her sisters. Or that Beauty was the best choice of her daughters for dealing with Crazy Magical Shenanigans.
The Young Entity 1st May 1:21 PM, 2018
So, now we know for sure Bird-mom is not human at all, that must mean that Beauty is not completely human and doesn't know it ('till now?)! AAAHHH!!!
Sorry. I have a knack for reading between the lines (or trying to) and then overreacting about my conclusions.
This stuff is so intriguing! If I could I would just hop into this comic and ask Bird-mom all the questions I am dying for Beauty to ask but that she isn't (at least yet).
Please, oh please explain yourself, non-human-somewhat-creepy-but-still-motherly Bird-mom! Please!
The Young Entity 1st May 1:27 PM, 2018
Sooo, if Bird/Swan-mom isn't human, just what exactly is she?
As is apparent, she is somehow connected with swans, but that is not much to go by.
I can't imagine she is actually a swan in human guise. That is just way too weird. (Isn't it?)
Anonymous Puffin 1st May 3:22 PM, 2018
Well, swan maidens are said to be very much like selkies (including the "take their feather/sealskin capes and their helpless/captured/...), so... neither human nor animal? A spirit? A faery?

Let the weirdness ensue!
The Young Entity 1st May 4:39 PM, 2018
Yes. :-) Thank you for thoughts and ideas
AshErika 1st May 11:47 PM, 2018
much needed revelations for Beauty here. thanks for that, SwanMom. who knows, maybe we'll finally find out why Beauty was so sick that SwanMom made that contract to begin with. since they have "time" and SM seems in a chatty mood...
Ariadne 2nd May 8:39 PM, 2018
Time to play Who Said It Best?
"I love humans! You guys have such short lives but boy, you're funny!" Rose Quartz vs. Bird-mom
Narnia4Aslan 2nd May 9:09 PM, 2018
You know, Swan/bird-mom is giving some really good advice here. I have always liked Beauty and Beast as a couple, but there was something that was nagging me. I didn't want Beauty to become Beast's crutch for his insecurities. I couldn't name that mental itch til now, but I'm so glad Beast finally has a chance to face his inner demons. Alone. Hopefully Beauty's love has given him the strength and courage to fight and win, but their relationship couldn't have progressed in a healthy manner until this happened.

Well done, Ms. Megan. Well done!
Narnia4Aslan 2nd May 9:10 PM, 2018
I'm also really enjoying getting to FINALLY meet Swan-Mom! This is going to be good. :)
AbigailBrooks 25th Dec 5:41 PM, 2018
Speaking some painful life truths here, Swan Mom, but Beauty and the Beast will be better for it. It wouldn't be healthy for Beauty to be an emotional crutch for the Beast--it would make for a toxic relationship over time, rather than a solid one between two partners.

Swan Mom also casually reveals that she isn't human, and Beauty--having learned how the castle works--rightly guesses that Swan Mom was playing the long game and set up these contracts to come into conflict, which will, we hope, secure a better future for these kids.