Act Three, Chapter Five: 11

3rd May 11:50 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 11
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd May 11:50 PM, 2018
I guess you might say this is...a heart to heart...?


Mar-ee 3rd May 11:56 PM, 2018
So she agreed to give up her life or something in exchange for Beauty's?
The Young Entity 4th May 10:57 AM, 2018
Yes, something like that :-)
The Young Entity 4th May 1:03 AM, 2018
I must- know- mooooorrreee...

What are you, Swan-mom?
Why did you marry a mortal?
What else happened with the contract? Pleeaaasse?!

Other than my many questions, I love this stuff. Well done Ms Megan!
The Young Entity 4th May 11:03 AM, 2018
I just realized another slightly disturbing thing. Beauty's sisters must also be part whatever Swan/Bird-mom is. There they are, living normal lives, but they aren't exactly normal, since they are partly not human!
For some reason, this freaks me out.
The Doodler 4th May 8:36 AM, 2018
The Doodler
I think her man knew all this, too. I'm glad he did. ;_;
The Young Entity 4th May 10:59 AM, 2018
Yes, I'm sure he did
Laura 4th May 10:45 AM, 2018
So when BirdMom contracted with the Castle for Beauty's life... the Castle didn't take into account that BirdMom wasn't a 100% human, nor the fact Beast was super miserable?

So the Castle didn't predict BirdMom would pull strings, nor that Beast would meddle?
The Young Entity 4th May 10:58 AM, 2018
Hm, yes, interesting thoughts.
AshErika 5th May 4:37 AM, 2018
yeah. I thought that was a weird moment for the Castle to suddenly have something akin to a "brain fart"

maybe it wants her to think that way?
metaceryn 5th May 2:06 AM, 2018
“Oh, don’t be alarmed, dear one! It’s not so uncommon” might also mean ”Girl, you get a piece of that doubly-literally horny bastard’s ass, I’m not gonna judge.”
Narnia4Aslan 6th May 12:04 AM, 2018
Um. I'm not sure what Beauty's unfinished question is. And did Swan-mom actually answer it? Is Beauty asking about her mom's (non)-humanity or about her alive-ness? Or about her contract-making? I'm a little confused at the moment. It'll probably resolve with time, but am I missing something?
NanamiG 7th May 8:53 AM, 2018
Beauty was asking if her mom was human or not, and obviously was surprised to learn that her mother isn't fully human and therefore neither is Beauty.
Kawaii overload!!! 7th May 10:02 PM, 2018
Now how do we know that beauty isnt fully human? If swan Mom gave up her sean form to become human, then by that logic, shouldn't beauty as well as her sisters (not to mention Virture's son) be Humans as well? I would certainly say that they have the emotion-driven hearts of humans unlike swan Mom who is mostly logically driven.
Maria 7th May 11:31 PM, 2018
That makes sense to me, Kawaii overload- but if they're all fully human, how did Beauty get a swan cape?
NanamiG 8th May 9:51 PM, 2018
And Beauty is already alive when SwanMom disappears, and we are lead to believe that she left to make a contract. Now that might not end up being the case (which would be VERY interesting) but I guess we will have to wait and see ;)
AbigailBrooks 25th Dec 5:47 PM, 2018
Aaaaah, so Swan Mom added her remaining /human/ years to Beauty's life, but since she was immortal and had magic, her spirit remains. Her explanation about magical hearts burning slower and colder is beautiful, and I love this idea of immortal creatures being fascinated by humans.