Act Three, Chapter Five: 14

14th May 11:20 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 14
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 14th May 11:20 PM, 2018
Well, this is unsettling.

Happy post-TCAF y'all, and I am in DEADLINE HELL! I've done my best to never miss an update over the six year run of this comic, so If this month I finally have to do that, I hope you'll all forgive me.


Mar-ee 14th May 11:27 PM, 2018
Don't apologize/or stress so much MsMegan, we all understand, stuff happens. Real life can be tough and crazy.

Also ohhhh lovin' this page. Beast facing his worse enemy... himself
The Young Entity 14th May 11:43 PM, 2018
Anonymous Puffin 15th May 5:01 AM, 2018
I've said it before and I'll say it again: this scene between Beast and Argus screams some of the soundtrack of the Jekyll and Hyde musical :P
("All that you are is a face in the mirror, I'll close my eyes and you'll disappear." "Ha! I'm what you face when you're facing the mirror. As long as you live I'll be here!")

In addition to that: I fully agree with Mar-ee, Ms Megan. Take your time. We fully understand.
FelinaofL2 17th May 12:31 PM, 2018
Agreed, "Confrontation" does rather suit them, especially with Beast's internal issues. ("I'll live inside you forever" makes me think of how things like anxiety never truly go away, but one can gain better control over them.)
Anonymous Puffin 17th May 1:07 PM, 2018
I'm surprised by how many people think of Jekyll as a saint and Hyde as pure evil. I've always read the story more as being about "internal issues": Hyde is everything Jekyll is not proud of in himself, but he does not learn to deal with it properly and things spiral out of control.

Please, Beast, just hug Argus instead of hurting yourself (in more ways than one)
The Young Entity 14th May 11:44 PM, 2018
It sure is unsettling! And that's putting in mildly.

Who knew Beast's/Argus's past self could be so cruel?
The Young Entity 14th May 11:46 PM, 2018
No problem about the slightly-late post, Ms Megan! You're a mom with an active baby, and you get busy sometimes. You've been doing an amazing job keeping up with the posts :-)
Lisa Conner 15th May 12:39 AM, 2018
But he's being cruel to himself, not to others.
The Young Entity 15th May 1:50 AM, 2018
True, but it's still cruelty, however it's used, and cruelty is always wrong
Lisa Conner 15th May 4:38 PM, 2018
Yes, but we've already seen he doesn't like himself. If he's going to cut into anyone, it's himself.
The Young Entity 16th May 10:45 AM, 2018
Yes, but that's almost worse than at other people, though, because he's been torn down and been tearing himself down all his life!
Guest 15th May 5:03 AM, 2018
I can't tell if the image of his human self is trying to push him to fight for his humanity or just make him suffer.

Gonna go with both.
The Young Entity 15th May 12:08 PM, 2018
KatieKat 15th May 6:33 AM, 2018
I'd be lying if I didn't wonder about Argus possibly staying as the Beast forever.
The Young Entity 15th May 12:07 PM, 2018
Aw, that would be so sad!
Vain.3805 15th May 4:22 PM, 2018
I read one adaptation of the story where he stayed a beast but it was a happen ending anyway.
Miss Elcia 17th May 9:01 AM, 2018
I've also read a version that went that route, one I have reason to believe Ms Megan has read and been inspired by. And while I've no problem with that eventuality... I would love to watch Beauty's family not bat a collective eye lid when she arrives home with him and his reaction to a real family despite his looks. It'd still be nice for Argus to get a second chance to be human.
FelinaofL2 17th May 12:18 PM, 2018
I think as long as Beauty & Argus are together and Argus gets to finally have a loving family, that it'd be a happy ending. We all want to see them succeed and be happy; some things are more important than outward appearance.
(If they do live with Beauty's family, Argus would be ADORABLE having his own herb garden to tend and mixing medicines for others~)
Anonymous Puffin 17th May 1:08 PM, 2018
*squees internally at the mental image of Beast lovingly caring for a herb garden at Beauty's house*
Siva 15th May 9:58 AM, 2018
Best version of this story since Rumbelle.
The Young Entity 15th May 12:11 PM, 2018
No question! :-)
The Young Entity 15th May 12:15 PM, 2018
I just thought of something. What if Argus, like, mauls himself?
*weird thoughts*
Stitchlingbelle 15th May 7:45 PM, 2018
Considerably more adversarial than what Beauty's going through. It's sad that Argus's main battle seems to be with himself, when we've seen ample evidence that he has someone much better to blame...
AshErika 16th May 1:13 AM, 2018
so very true... :/ not surprising, given Argus's nature, but... still
The Young Entity 16th May 2:23 AM, 2018
Yes :-/ I agree completely agree with both of you guys
NanamiG 16th May 10:51 PM, 2018
Isn't it more likely that he is talking to the Castle? I mean, Swom just said that the Castle didn't take into account how unhappy it's avatar was, and now we see the Beast talking to Evil Argus - couldn't that be the Castle's avatar? ?
AshErika 17th May 8:17 AM, 2018
possibly, if SwanMom underestimates how much the Castle is aware of. a likely scenario, I think, given the general air of manipulative hostility that thing gives off. he could really be facing his worst fear (himself), or the Castle could be playing him. mind you, the effect could be the same...
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 12:34 PM, 2018
And back to the Beast. The third panel makes me want to pet him to try to calm him down--he looks so scared! His "human" self is being cold and taunting here, rather like his mother, but he does have a point. As long as the Beast remains a beast, he has a ready excuse to loathe himself and stay set in the believe that he doesn't deserve love and happiness (because why would he have this cursed form if he did?). Even though it hurts him to be this way, the pain of it is familiar and comfortable, while daring to believe that he could become something or someone else isn't.