Act Three, Chapter Five: 15

17th May 10:25 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 15
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th May 10:25 PM, 2018
See, see I said bear, there, it's kind of a pun, because you're...yeah, see, it's sort of clever, hey, are you listening? It's a pun at your expense.


a Drop of Beauty 17th May 10:50 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
I sense pun-ishment incoming.
Anonymous Puffin 18th May 9:50 AM, 2018
Oh, deer! Not the pun-ishment! It's my mane weakness... ;)
Mar-ee 17th May 11:13 PM, 2018
Ohhhh this is both dramatic and scary.
Sophi(e)a 17th May 11:26 PM, 2018
I've got a nasty feeling that animal Beast is going to try to attack human Argus, and that just can't possibly end well.
The Young Entity 18th May 1:08 AM, 2018
Oohh boy...
Helena 18th May 1:52 AM, 2018
He's going to jump over evil Argus!
Helena 18th May 1:52 AM, 2018
He's going to jump over evil Argus!
Guest 18th May 5:16 AM, 2018
Are the two going to merge? Or is this just getting him riled up so he can attack and prove he ain't gonna let this slide, only to find out the image vanishes.
RavenBaraq 18th May 10:04 AM, 2018
"Calling yourself a monster as if the admission excuses you from actually doing anything about it" is such a powerful line!
The Doodler 18th May 10:09 AM, 2018
The Doodler
It's def a thing people do. A lot. :( It's real bad and I've never seen it summed up so well before.

(Even if our boy doesn't seem to be guilty of it -- if anything, he's the reverse -- someone forced to be an animal against his will but hanging on tooth and nail to his scraps of humanity.)
Vain.3805 19th May 1:08 PM, 2018
But... it's my favorite cop out...
The Young Entity 18th May 3:29 PM, 2018
Sybilla J 18th May 10:22 AM, 2018
:( I just want to give Argus a hug. Beast!Argus, not this a-hole....
Sailorphantom 18th May 12:01 PM, 2018
Well at least he's not going to take it lion down.
The Young Entity 18th May 3:30 PM, 2018
Oooh yeah. My thoughts exactly
The Young Entity 18th May 3:41 PM, 2018
AAHH! NO! I DIDN'T MEAN TO SAY THAT IN REPLY TO THIS COMMENT! I was trying to reply to the lower comment.
*assumes a position of extreme embarrassment*
metaceryn 18th May 4:19 PM, 2018
His insecurities have dogged him long enough, I think.
AshErika 18th May 12:52 PM, 2018
I never thought I'd want to punch Argus in the face, but I really do with this "human" version. I don't trust him/it. there's just something... off. I get that our boy has a truckload of self-loathing to deal with, but look at vision-Argus's stance. it reeks of confidence, even arrogance- neither of which the real Argus has ever had. hm...
Maria 19th May 2:43 AM, 2018
I agree that I don't totally trust this human Argus. The castle definitely has more tricks up its sleeve. In some ways, I hope that human Argus isn't more than he appears, though. I think Megan's doing a good job of capturing the voices that often come with self hate. In my experience, I have had voices in my head saying things like "you'll never be good enough" "you're a failure," etc. Much more cruel than Real Maria would ever be. Argus' big unresolved thing is finally getting addressed, so I'm kinda hoping that Human Argus is this part of his mind filled with doubt, self-hate, fear, etc. and it's just manifesting as a human. Not that I don't want to see Argus have a showdown with any other foes, but I think I'll be disappointed if this conversation is invalidated in a way later because it turns out that "Human Argus" is really someone else or just the castle being a butt. I hope at the very least that this is really himself in some form that Argus is interacting with.
AshErika 19th May 9:29 PM, 2018
that's true... could go either way at this point. I wonder...
Brunny 18th May 2:45 PM, 2018
hate to make a negative remark since i love megan's work sooo much and is nearly perfect even on difficult panels, but I must say, the last one on this page i can't figure it out properly, because of the movement lines, if beast is going forward or backwards... maybe you can show me or in the printed version redraw this one? hope i'm not too much of a nuisance, i'm really bad at saying "bad" things in a positive manner...
The Young Entity 18th May 3:50 PM, 2018
I know what you mean, I feel the same way, but I think when we see the next pane it will make perfect sense.
Reading Wolf 19th May 2:55 PM, 2018
Actually, i assumed from the rage in his eyes, he's lunging forward.
AshErika 19th May 9:31 PM, 2018
I'm thinking a lunge forward, too. He looks ready to pounce.
DawnStar 19th May 11:38 PM, 2018
Definitely a pouncing pose to me, but I think a simple fix to making it more obvious would be to tilt the horizontal action lines so they are pointing upward to where he will eventually be pouncing to. At least I think that might work if that's what's really being conveyed. Thoughts?
Anonymous Puffin 21st May 11:47 AM, 2018
Meh, probably will become clearer with tomorrow's page. Drawing convincing movement is hard! (I think Ms.Megan is doing an excellent job so far though, even if this particular pose is ambiguous)

It's also the format that's a bit problematic:
With paper comics, you don't have to wait to connect panels so you can understand what is going on, yet with webcomics, you get the suspense of the wait as well as a great comment section to build conspiracy theories with! (*whispers* the castle is playing with your mind, Argus...Or you might just have really, really low self-esteem. Poor boy :p)
Michael 18th May 6:14 PM, 2018
Argus is more matured but seems also arrogant and insulting but has also self confidence.
Beast doesnt want to become matured, argus has some aspects that are not lovable.
Both together they make a great person, i believe.
Hallan 20th May 12:24 AM, 2018
Given the angle of Beast's head and the height of his body relative to human "Argus", I hope Beast rams this jerk right in the harbles, and then tosses him across the room.
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 12:40 PM, 2018
Yeaaaaah, this representation of the Beast is not nice, but it is self-aware. It rightly calls the Beast out on his inaction--on his unwillingness to try to grow and change for the better. That's a hard truth for the Beast to face, but one that will do him good if he takes it to heart. Hating yourself is easy. Learning to love yourself isn't. And it looks like we're heading to a more physical confrontation between these two sides of him as well, from that last panel.