Act Three, Chapter Five: 16

21st May 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 16
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 21st May 12:00 AM, 2018
Is this what they call "self-destructive tendencies"?


LaLechuga 21st May 9:15 PM, 2018
Well... This explains a lot.
The Young Entity 22nd May 1:14 AM, 2018
Heh heh
Mar-ee 21st May 9:28 PM, 2018
Are you talking to yourself or your mother? If it turns into his mother I won't be shocked.... but ohhh deeper meaning if he's talking to himself
ch1ck4do0dl3 22nd May 12:22 AM, 2018
Could be a bit of both... Like, the part of him that believes and reflects his mother's ideals.
The Young Entity 22nd May 1:18 AM, 2018
Whether he hates his mom or not, he was raised by her, and even if he doesn't realize it, he has an element of her embedded into himself.
Poor Argus. This isn't all his fault. Barely ANY of it is his fault!
It was still his actions etc., so I can't say it wasn't his fault at all :-/
Reading Wolf 22nd May 12:47 AM, 2018
Does he hate his human self because he views himself as weak, easily used, manipulated, etc. etc.
also this is screaming some major Depression, considering i have it and trust me, i've said that to myself a few too many times.
The Young Entity 22nd May 1:13 AM, 2018
Yes, I am the same, unfortunately.
I'm so sorry you are going through depression, Reading Wolf!
I hope you can remember that you are a wonderful, unique individual, no matter what, and that you can get help when you need it. You are still well-loved by someone, even when you hate yourself.
Sorry if that was unwanted, too personal, or was irrelevant (probably was :-/ ).

Oooh Beast!
Reading Wolf 23rd May 12:35 AM, 2018
You're fine. It's gotten better after therapy and meds but yeah.
Thank you for the concern though.
The Young Entity 23rd May 1:00 PM, 2018
Ok, good.
You're very welcome. I have special feeling for those who, like me, have depression, but have it much worse and need hope.
I hope my words were encouraging rather than annoying :-)
Tursiops 22nd May 1:25 AM, 2018
A new version of
"Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself."
Guest 22nd May 5:20 AM, 2018
The look on the alt Argus face is interesting. Was he expecting that? I'm thinking no.
Helena 22nd May 8:38 AM, 2018
Quoting Ben 10 Rath: "Let me tell you something, Argus-Beast... everybody already knew that!"
Hallan 22nd May 8:39 AM, 2018
Much better than my idea.
The Doodler 22nd May 1:01 PM, 2018
The Doodler
Given that the previous commenters have handled the serious analysis side beautifully, I'll just say: Woah, the sense of movement and impact in the first panel is hardcoooorre!
AshErika 22nd May 8:41 PM, 2018
Can a figment of one's imagination feel pain? I mean, he's solid enough to tackle, so...? If yeah, I hope vision-boy got the wind knocked out of him.
Vain.3805 23rd May 5:11 PM, 2018
But what is if and vision boy are one and the same? Injuries to his human apparition only injure himself and only through acceptance can they integrate and become again a whole man... what if the denial of the him who made all those horrible mistakes is what is destroying him now...
I've been studying too much Carl Jung and now think Beast is anima possessed.
FelinaofL2 23rd May 12:14 PM, 2018
I can't help being reminded of Persona 4 now-- Beast is confronting his Shadow, the parts of himself he doesn't like. If one continually rejects their Shadow, then their Shadow attacks & kills them. If they admit to themselves & accept their Shadow, then it becomes a Persona, symbolizing how they've become whole again.
(Yep, this game likes taking cues from and playing with Jungian psychology.)
Guest 23rd May 3:12 PM, 2018
It's hard to imagine right now, but I'm hoping this confrontation will end with Argus and Beast making peace with each other and accepting that they are each other – hopefully with the knowledge of Beauty's love helping them get there.
LaLechuga 23rd May 4:20 PM, 2018
So, what's interesting to me is that this reaction (to his human form) has come up multiple times... Most notably, whenever Beauty alludes to his life before being an arbiter. In the flashbacks, Human!Argus has always been portrayed as having little agency, often acted on by others. It's interesting that now, Human!Argus not only is instigating, BUT Beast!Argus's response is to act upon/against this human form as well. Physically. I don't know, I get the feeling that Beast!Argus feels safer in his punished form than human form. And the confrontation of who he was before is threatening to him.
Vain.3805 23rd May 5:13 PM, 2018
A beast is powerful. They can't be controlled because they are animals. They can be caged, and he is, but even caged he still has teeth, claws, and strength. A man would have to be civilized but as a beast he can honestly say he is not civilized. Nothing is more dangerous than something that's not civilized because you piss them off and they might just jump on you and rip your throat out XD
Me 24th May 9:08 AM, 2018
I feel that if something magic doesn’t happen soon, this is going to end in gross squicky red stuff on both of them
Carol 2nd Jun 11:35 PM, 2018
OH. O-kay. Beast, I thought you might start doing better, but - yup, we still gotta lot of work to do.
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 12:47 PM, 2018
Hmmm. Well no blood so far, so that's something. This could be bad--a continuation of the Beast's self-hatred--or it could be him acknowledging that he doesn't love who he was as a human, or doesn't love the person his depression turned him into. And acknowledging that--that he wants to change for the better--could be a step forward for him.