Act Three, Chapter Five: 19

1st Jun 3:20 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 19
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Jun 3:20 PM, 2018
Sorry for the slight delay, Dear Readers! My little guy is sick and needed to go to the doctor.


ch1ck4do0dl3 1st Jun 7:22 PM, 2018
So when SwanMom isn't speaking in truthbombs, she's speaking in drawn-out riddles. How very mythical-being of her. Hopefully we'll get back to the truthbombing soon, 'cause I really want to know!

Also, MsMegan, I hope your little dude is doing better! His health takes priority (as does yours!) and a late comic is a price I'll gladly pay for that--no crazy magical contract necessary!
Mar-ee 1st Jun 11:26 PM, 2018
Ohhh more reveal time 8o
Anonymous Puffin 2nd Jun 7:40 AM, 2018
Once again a beautiful page.
Hope the little one will get well soon!
Guest 2nd Jun 7:47 AM, 2018
Hrmmm. Interesting.

Sounds like she is neither dead or living but part of the magic.
Guest 2nd Jun 11:43 PM, 2018
Hope your kiddo is doing better! And thanks so much for doing this story, by the way. It’s something I really enjoy and look forward to, but I usually forget to thank you for it. :)
The Yoing Entity 4th Jun 3:17 PM, 2018
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 1:16 PM, 2018
I loved how amused Swam Mom is at the fever explanation. "Creatively stated" indeed.

"I didn't have much to barter with, aside from a handful of years"--decades, I hope? Though from the sound of it, Beauty's contract would have come due soon, so Swam Mom and the Beast--through their knowledge of magic--found ways to manipulate the loopholes to give Beauty more time? That seems to be what this is implying, anyway.

Now I'm whimsically imagining that Swam Mom was a fae lawyer, and that her whole stint as a human was her taking her vacation days a little farther than anyone at court was expecting.