Act one, Chapter Three: 12

14th Jan 11:25 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 12
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 13th Jan 7:54 PM, 2013
You sweet readers! We spent two days last week as #1 on the "now popular" tag (we've vanished from it now, but hey! I take what I can get!)! Thank you all so much for making this such an enjoyable, rewarding undertaking!


cattservant 14th Jan 11:56 PM, 2013
Not much blinking
Going on,
But some thinking
Going in...
AbigailBrooks 15th Jan 12:58 AM, 2013
As we suspected, there is a close-up of the Beast's eyes - as well as Beauty's. She seems uncomfortable and thoughtful about what she sees, while he, in turn, seems to be trying to put her at ease. There's nothing to fear here.

A random thing I noticed: there are no dishes in front of the Beast, which may or may not have been the case in earlier chapters. It seems he might not actually be eating or drinking with her (in part because his way of eating or preferred drink/food might not match hers). It also occurred to me earlier this evening, while reading up on the fae (they make contracts, often verbal ones, since one's word/intent is deemed more powerful than a written contract, in contrast to our arrangements), that eating/drinking at a fae's table is one way of sealing a contract (not that he is a fae - he could be a changeling, of sorts, having some fae-like qualities to him, and he's very probably cursed, given this fairy tale's traditional elements).

In any case, food/drink is also a means of changing a human or mortal into something - otherworldly, shall we say (which is probably not the case here, but it's an interesting idea to note, nonetheless). On another note, eating/drinking what the host provides has traditionally been the preferred way of extending hospitality to the guest. So as long as Beauty has dinner with the Beast, her safety should be ensured - not only from him, but from the potential consequences of breaking their contract.

As usual, I'm looking forward to your next update!
MsMegan 16th Jan 10:51 AM, 2013
And as usual, loving your theories! I'm excited to see Kim M back in the comments soon...I think you and she would have fun bouncing these off of each other!
ljflasjdlfjs 15th Jan 4:43 AM, 2013
Haha! I was right about the Beast close-up and I'm so glad it happened. I love the surprise in Beauty's face. It's clear that she was able to see more than a beast in his eyes at that moment. I also liked how earnest the Beast seems in the last panel. Almost like he's slightly leaning forward, desperate to show Beauty that there's more to him than these first impressions. Can't wait for Friday!
MsMegan 15th Jan 12:10 PM, 2013
He's a pretty earnest guy, I guess! I always feel a little bad when I give you guys a dialogue-free page -- only three days until the next update!
cattservant 15th Jan 1:41 PM, 2013
Tick tick tick...
MsMegan 15th Jan 3:37 PM, 2013
Yeah, they might need some eyedrops by then.
Laevateinn102 15th Jan 3:58 PM, 2013
Well, I've finally caught up to the current page and let me say this: your interpretation of Beauty and the Beast is exceptional, especially concerning the originality of character designs, scenery and several twists to the original story that makes this comic far more interesting.

I am eager to see where you're headed with this and I'll be looking out for the next page of this wonderful comic.
MsMegan 16th Jan 10:51 AM, 2013
Thank you, Laevateinn! I'm really tickled that you think so... I've been working out the twists for a long time, and I'm so happy to finally be committing it to the page... and for getting such kind feedback from everyone! I hope you'll stick around and join the convo!
ranger_brianna_new 15th Jan 10:48 PM, 2013

Well, then.
You deserve to appear on the 'All-time popular' tab instead. :P
MsMegan 16th Jan 10:49 AM, 2013
haha, that's beyond sweet, Ranger Brian (new!). I think I have a long, long way to go in building content and readership before I even really deserve to be on plain ol' "popular now", let alone all time popular! But was SO NICE while it lasted! Like having my own little sunbeam. *grin*
The Doodler 16th Jan 8:05 PM, 2013
The Doodler
I guess she's too (reasonably) scared to demand an explanation?
RosesnWater 11th Feb 3:18 AM, 2013
Awkward silence.... then again, I love expressions, and this is humorous as well, very cool ^_^
love the eyes *-*
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 10:50 PM, 2013
(Screams in a singsong voice:) The eyes are the windows to the soul~! The Beast just looks so regal here, while Beauty continues to look nervous but...a little uncertain about her opinion of him too, perhaps. We shall see. Next page!
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:20 AM, 2013
He's not poised like a predator, Beauty. He looks more like the lonely dogs at the pet shelter! (But with a rather more human element, of course.)
Anor-Roc Wildheart 30th Dec 6:01 PM, 2016
His face in the 1st panel... I just want to hug the big guy. <3