Act Three, Chapter Five: 21

8th Jun 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 21
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Jun 12:00 AM, 2018
Planning a fateful meeting with that special someone? Look no further than your local library!


Mar-ee 8th Jun 12:34 AM, 2018
That almost feels like a subtle or complicated way of saying she set them up on a date.
Sybilla J 8th Jun 8:39 AM, 2018
oh, Swan Mom was TOTALLY thinking that the whole time and no one can tell me otherwise.
Narnia4Aslan 8th Jun 2:30 AM, 2018
This is awesome! and explains so much! I'm really enjoying the nuanced details of your retelling, MsMegan. For all that it is a "fairy-tale" story that is as old as time, this re-telling just MAKES SENSE! Of course there is mystery and suspense in the telling, but it is incredible to see all the pieces finally start to fall into place.
Guest 8th Jun 6:08 AM, 2018
No better relationship than two people already influenced and or surrounded by magic.
Alexander 11th Jun 5:24 AM, 2018
Hey Megan, been reading and following the comic for a long time, really love it.

I am curious about this reveal though, as my friend and fellow reader put it, it kinda takes away from the whole idea of it being Beauty's and the Beast's humanity, compassion and empathy that saved them... to it instead being Beauty's mom who has masterminded the entire thing. I get that the castle and the wishing well solves the whole thematic problem of the Beast essentially being a monster who claim a life for a bloody flower - but why not have the father somehow indebt himself to the castle or just have the mom like... be a normal woman who had heard of the castle or something, instead of the mom as this schemer.
I don't think it's bad per se, but thematically I think the story might have been a bit stronger if it was just Beauty and Beast making this work, instead of Beauty's mom being behind it all.
Still loving the comic though, regardless of this choice, this is my favorite version of B&B and an awesome comic! Your visuals and wonderful characters are a pleasure to read.
Guest 11th Jun 7:40 PM, 2018
It was still up to Beauty and the Beast to make a connection, though. All Swan Mom did was throw them together. Their humanity, compassion and empathy have still done the most important work.
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 1:36 PM, 2018
It finally occurs to me with this page that Swan Mom is acting as the Good Fairy from the original Villeneuve tale here. She set up the meeting between Beauty and the Beast (in Beauty's adulthood--they met veeeery briefly when she was a child) to try to secure Beauty's (and her family's) future and free the Beast from his curse. However, that was all she could do--Beauty and the Beast had to do the rest. And "the rest" didn't have to include romance in this version, either. They could have accomplished just as much through friendship, unlike in most retellings of the story. In the original, Beauty had to agree to marry and sleep with the Beast for the curse to break. After Beaumont's version, her confessing her love to him was enough. Here Beauty's romantic love isn't programmed into the equation. It helps, but it's not essential. So there is less pressure for Beauty and her Beast to be together here, which gives them more agency and more room to breathe in their relationship. It also means that it's not her healing him so much as her encouraging him to heal himself. Overall, that's a much more mature and healthier take on the story, so kudos to you, Megan!