Act Three, Chapter Five: 25

22nd Jun 12:25 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 25
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Alexandra 22nd Jun 1:40 AM, 2018
YES! Fight it! Fight the urge!
Mar-ee 22nd Jun 3:20 AM, 2018
Talk about internal struggles.

Also kudos with capturing his emotions in this
Guest 22nd Jun 5:39 AM, 2018
He can't do it. Because he must accept his failure and move on.
MK_Wizard 22nd Jun 10:16 AM, 2018
He will not do it because he's grown since then.
Narnia4Aslan 22nd Jun 11:34 PM, 2018
Can he smell the crushed rose petals? Did they make their way to him, reminding him of Beauty? Reminding him that he has a choice?
Helena 23rd Jun 5:42 AM, 2018
This reminds me of Beast's change of face when he is about to drop Gaston off the roof.
njanay21 23rd Jun 7:14 PM, 2018
dame beauties mother is so evil to me for what she did to the rose that was his heart dame it!
Margaret Moon 25th Jun 2:19 AM, 2018
I’m probably not the only one who notices that this panel resembles the scene from the 1991 film where the beast is in debate about killing Gaston. Beast is angry and is filled with rage but when Gaston is pleading, Beast softens up and realizes he can’t do it, for if he did, he will be no better than the one who’s trying to kill him. The emotion and body language is spot on. Bravo author, bravo indeed. :)
Guest 25th Jun 1:03 PM, 2018
I just love the scenes in this BATB that parallel the Disney version, but that reveal more about the characters through their differences than through their similarities. Earlier there's the scene where the Beast tends Beauty's injured hand, inverting the Disney scene where Belle tends the Beast's injured arm. While the Disney scene sums up its Beast's characterization as a brooding, angry Jerk with a Heart of Gold who needs Belle's blend of kindness and iron will to teach him to be gentle and loving, the scene in this version shows us the inherently gentle and loving Argus, who needs to learn his true worth after years of being shamed and abused into self-loathing. Just the opposite of the "you've been bad and you need to change" lesson that the Disney Beast needs to learn. And now we have this scene. The Disney Beast's journey is all about learning selflessness and compassion for others, so it's only natural that his character arc culminates in choosing to show mercy to the villain; but here he needs to (and hopefully will) choose mercy and compassion for himself.
Guest 25th Jun 9:43 PM, 2018
Wow i had that about this but not adding the parallel of the disney film
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 2:07 PM, 2018
Aaaaaand if that last panel tells us anything, it's that the Beast isn't going to kill his old self. He's grown too much since then, in large part thanks to Beauty (as represented by the rose petals here). He's not going to let his chance slip through his furry fingers, as Swan Mom fears.