Act Three, Chapter Five: 27

29th Jun 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 27
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ch1ck4do0dl3 29th Jun 12:06 AM, 2018

Now say you accept yourself, too, even though you've made mistakes and will again, and let's blow this popsicle stand!
Cartoon Sara 29th Jun 6:38 PM, 2018
Yes please. All the popsicles taste like rosewater and self loathing.
Laura 29th Jun 12:34 AM, 2018

So does this mean, when Beast altered Beauty's contract and let her go... he changed it so he put himself as a "security deposit" for Beauty....... so, if she leaves.... that is, if she breaks her contract............ Beast pays the price for her breach?

His plan was to tell Beauty she was free so she would purposefully break the contract and the Castle in turn would kill Beast dead????


Michael 29th Jun 7:29 AM, 2018
Yes, exactly. ANd now he realizes that she loves him and he doesnt need to sacrifice himself. He just needs to pull himself together.
FractalDawn 29th Jun 1:26 AM, 2018
Yeah. Yeah pretty much.

I love Argus. And I love that he's about to beat his own brain trying to kill him. That means a hell of a lot.
Anonymous Puffin 30th Jun 1:07 PM, 2018
"He's about to beat his own brain trying to kill him"
That is a surprisingly disturbing sentence I'd never expected to hear...

Makes sense, though :)
DreamPiper 30th Jun 4:41 PM, 2018
This is literally what late stage depression is though, isn't it?
Sunnybrook1 29th Jun 3:45 AM, 2018
Nice, like where this is going. Though I thought Beast was asking his previous self why he didn't just up and leave is clingy/judgmental mother, not his current situation, so I'm a bit confused. Though if this is his own internal hot mess, I can understand why the two thoughts are running together in his head.

Also, in panel 1, second speech bubble, should it say, "Isn't that why you put all of this into motion?" If so, it's missing an 'into'.
Cartoon Sara 29th Jun 3:41 PM, 2018
I believe Beast is asking his previous abusive mom situation. Past/Shadow/Depression Argus is replying that suicide was the only escape then and that it still is, using Beast's alterations to Beauty contract as evidence.
Guest 29th Jun 5:10 AM, 2018
And there it is!
MK_Wizard 29th Jun 10:34 AM, 2018
I'm hoping that his next reply is "I let her go because I love her and she deserved her freedom. It was about her not me. It wasn't suicide. It was sacrifice."
Mar-ee 29th Jun 4:21 PM, 2018
Finally he's realizing something
Stitchlingbelle 30th Jun 6:54 PM, 2018
Guest 1st Jul 12:52 AM, 2018
I love the unique way this retelling deals with the theme of self-sacrifice, both Beauty's trading her freedom for her father's and the Beast's trading his life for her freedom. In most versions of this story, self-sacrifice is portrayed as a good thing, the ultimate act of nobility and love; this is the case in most depictions of Beauty coming to the castle, as well as the Disney Beast sacrificing his last chance to break the spell (so he thinks) by letting Belle go. But here, both Beauty's sacrifice and the Beast's are signs of their low self-esteem and of not realizing how important they are to their loved ones. In both cases, their positive character development involves (hopefully, in the Beast's case) leaving behind that self-sacrificing mindset and realizing their own worth and how loved they are. I like it.
AbigailBrooks 28th Dec 1:59 PM, 2018
Back once again. Even though it is distressing that the Beast made himself into collateral for Beauty's contract--setting it up so his life would pay off her "debt" and/or buy her freedom--I do prefer this explanation, rather than the emotionally manipulative actions of the Beast in other versions, in which he threatens to kill himself if Beauty doesn't return. Again, that decreases the pressure on the romance here, which can only help them moving forward. Still not a healthy thing for him to have done, but it's better than the alternative.

More importantly, though, YES! A breakthrough for our Beast! "I'm not unloved"--god, it's so good to hear him say that. Realizing that he can be and is loved feels like a huge turning point for him.